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Interview with bassist/vocalist Mike Hardin | By hutch

Austin’s fuzzed out fiends, American Sharks, have been around for, well, … “Between three and four years. There was definitely a version of American Sharks before that with Will and I but it wasn’t really the same. We weren’t getting much done.”

American Sharks toured with The Sword and Castle the past few months. “We had an amazing time this summer with The Sword and Castle. It was the most intense tour that we have ever done. I guess it was because it was summer but people were ready to party!” All prep for the fall’s tour with the mighty Clutch and The Sword. Switching it up, they will also open for Godflesh. Anyone in front of the Sharks should expect “energy. We don’t half ass on bringing it loud and fast.”

American Sharks

Those crowds should dig what Mike calls “stoner rock on cocaine.” Stripped down and straight orward, their sound goes big and loud. I would try to hone in on a specific title for their sound, but we agree, “That shit is silly. I think most bands would prefer not to be broken down so much but I guess it makes it easier for people to identify which bands they like. We don’t like it.”

The new self-titled album delivers the heavy as well. “Bryan Richie of The Sword produced the album. We played a show together and he approached us about producing and naturally we agreed. He did a fantastic job. We were able to use that knowledge to enhance our recording experience. We had four days to complete the album. Nick Cornetti, drummer, is pretty valuable to have in the studio. We rented a studio in downtown called 5th St. Studios and had Evan Kleinecke work the controls. We barely finished but we did. Everyone worked really hard to get it done. We had Jason Buntz mix and master it.

There isn’t much we look back on and regret.

The album art covers the entire cd package with detail and passion. It “was done by a badass local artist that goes by Gutrot. We have a couple shirt designs he has done. We are pretty serious about having great looking art; whether for shirts, posters, website or album art.”

Where does this motivation come from?

“The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars”- David Bowie. Changed my whole perspective on writing. Other music had influenced me to an extent, this album made me re-think everything about writing.


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