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Into the Flood
Interview with guitarist Jacob Sacquitne
By Poncho

Century Media’s young new Metalcore band Into the Flood are setting out on their first headlining 15-date run across the West Coast. The “Till Death” Tour features tech metal newcomers The Wrath of Vesuvius from San Jose California, and San Diego’s deathcore outfit Lord of War. This tour will mark Into the Flood’s debut tour outside of the Northwest and they are excited to get out and see new places and play for new people.

When and how did you guys become a band? 

ITF became a band about two years ago. Brendan and I (Jacob) had made some demos and were looking for members. Kevin and Justin were in a project together that had just broken up, so we tried them out. About a year later after a member change at bass, Anthony was welcomed to the band. We played shows all over the Northwest for about a year and later got picked up by CM. We’ve been a happy family ever since! 

What is it like being in a Christian metal band nowadays?

We love it. Everyone thinks Christians are what they see on TV. Westboro Baptist Church/Televangelist type Christians. We are here to show you what real Christianity is. We love everyone. We hang out with Atheists, we listen to Slayer, but we love Jesus. We love everyone and treat everyone the same. So far people seem to be giving us the same amount of respect back. Sure we have the few angry anti-God people out there, but if I can have a beer with that guy after our set and show him I’m a normal dude who just happens to follow Christ, maybe he’ll be less angry. And better yet, maybe he’ll research Christianity and become a believer. We are not about forcing our beliefs on people. We are just about love, metal, and Jesus. Come hang with us at a show if you have more questions! 

What are you guys looking forward to on this tour with Lord of War and Wrath of Vesuvius?

Some members of this band have never been outside of Washington and Oregon. We are excited to travel, see new places, meet new people, and just to play shows! We have a busy summer ahead of us, and we’ll be playing shows almost every night. We’re just stoked to be out there doing it!

Into The Flood, Lord Of War, WOV - Till Death Tour

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