Debauch-A-Reno: Head to Reno for This Epic Punk Pool Party on July 4!

The hottest amenity available at the Sands Regency Reno this July 4 will be a pool party featuring some of the best punk rock around!

It’s the perfect kickoff party for those headed to Total Trash Productions’ Burger Boogaloo—which will celebrate its 10th anniversary on July 6 and 7 at Mosswood Park in Oakland, California—and hopes to rival all the wild antics, pop-up shows, and surprise guests of the last three installments.

Hosted by Master of Ceremonies Tony Clifton, the event kicks off on July 3 with an all-ages show at Plaza Maya featuring Reno’s Skew Ring, Spitting Image, and Dissidence, as well as Portland’s Arctic Flowers and DJ Antonia of Reno’s Fempire Records. Next up is the 21-and-over late show at Shea’s Tavern, which will welcome Spain’s Hollywood Sinners, Reno-via-Orange-County’s Eddie & The Subtitles, San Francisco’s Control Freaks, and DJ 50 Spence of Reno’s Powerchord to the stage.

Then, it’s time to slap on your speedo, heap on the sunscreen, and show off your best cannonball while splashing around to the not-so-dulcet tones of some punk rock heavy-hitters. The July 4 pool party at the Sands will warm things up with a record fair and an early show featuring San Francisco’s Greasy Gills, Reno’s Slow Wow, and DJ STAXofWAX from Reno’s Thermites.

Starting at 5 p.m., it’s the main event! Canadian comrades Tommy And The Commies, Australian mates The Chats, New York City fashionistas Surfbort, and Michigan legends The Spits will turn up the heat. Finally, headlining this crazy night of wet, chlorinated debauchery, the Los Angeles snark-punk mainstays and 40-year-strong kings of filthy puppetry in The Dickies will burn it all down!

As if that wasn’t enough, Debauch-A-Reno will offer a solid cooldown with an afterparty at a secret location, guaranteed to carry the most devoted revelers into the wee hours of July 5. L.A.’s Night Times and Reno’s Saturday Knights will join an epic lineup of DJs to create a dance party for the ages.

You may need about a week of sleep to recover from all this radness, but too bad! There’s no rest for the debaucherous, as the bus to Burger Boogaloo leaves for San Francisco between noon and 2 p.m. on July 5. Don’t miss your ride, punk!

For more info about the best pool party to ever happen in the Biggest Little City in the World, head to Slovenly Recordings, or click HERE to get your tickets now!

In addition to Slovenly and We’re Loud, Debauch-A-Reno is sponsored by a whole host of homies including KWNK Reno, Recycled Records, Sizzle Pie, Aces Tattoo, Black Hole Body Piercing, Craft Wine and Beer, PIÑON Bottle Co., and, of course, Sticker Guy!—whose work you can definitely find plastered all over merch tables, bar bathrooms, your favorite bands’ instruments and road cases, and this here article.

Below, Slovenly Recordings founder and the Sticker Guy himself, Pete Menchetti, breaks down some of his favorite adhesive-backed masterworks:


“Great U.K. band from members of SUB HUM ANS. Never forget that time they played in my basement. Sweatiest show ever!”


“Powerviolence legends!!!”


“Dr. Strange Records has been ordering from us forever. Their disease is spreading!”


“That’s for my old fanzine, ‘ENEMA.’”


“We made these back in the ‘90s. I was a big fan, have all their records, and got to see them once or twice. Glad they’re comin’ back!”


“Marketing label we made for my favorite underground hip hop album ever… back in the ‘90s. Why do I still have a roll of these? Because their label, BULK RECORDS, only paid half, so I only sent half. I know how it is; I run a label too. They probably got stiffed by a distributor.”


“This is the sticker that started it all for Shepard Fairey’s OBEY empire! He printed them himself in the beginning when he was back in—Rhode Island? But we’ve printed hundreds of thousands for them since the ‘90s.”

“We have a whole wall of ANDRE-inspired stickers!”


“Someone ordered these when Joey Ramone died. We also did a great Jay Reatard dedication sticker, but I can’t find that one.”


“Great label, and the first time I saw my longtime hero, GUITAR WOLF. When I noticed he had a sticker that came out of our shop on his guitar, I got a little emotional.”


“This one’s stuck to my desk. It’s a design I did for the legendary ’60s garage band for their second wave of comeback gigs in the ’00s after reading Eddie Shaw’s book ‘Black Monk Time.’”


“When this order came in—back in ’93 or ’94!—I knew that Sticker Guy! was gonna work. It was one of the first big orders from a well-known band.”

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