First look: Anxious Wave

Hometown: Providence, RI
Album: Live from the Poison Factory, out now via Nefarious Industries

We’ve all had friends whom we don’t have much in common with, but the thing(s) we share, we connect with at an almost spiritual level. Those with whom we wouldn’t ask for any favors or advice, but when that new slasher comes to theaters, or a thrash band lands in town, they’re the first we ask.

Anxious Wave, in some ways, are a group that thrive on the notion that the band itself are the only thing they can agree on—So what is their only Venn Diagram overlap? That’s not as easy an answer, as I expected. Live from the Poison Factory is like a beef wellington—a thing inside another thing, made more valuable because it’s in the hands of a great chef (and not your Aunt Susie, no offense). The meat here is noise rock, the type that’s more punk piss and vinegar, but the decadent puff pastry surrounding everything is D.C.-style post-hardcore. That thyme and garlic spice that keeps everything together is a Seattle grunge, and it’s tangier than expected. The full package is delightful and ever-shapeshifting throughout this excellent record.

Interestingly, it’s not a grim record, despite being very happy to shine a light on all the horrors of the human condition, as vocalist Brandon St. Pierre shares:

“Not nihilism, at all. There is still hope! Beneath all the ugliness we have to engage to survive, there is an organic beauty to life. I believe that, anyway. There is a certain simple, primal pleasure to the genre of music we play in. I speak to that. Surviving the ugliness of the world through simple, primal pleasure. Human nature. The horrors of capitalism.”

Adding more flavor to my note above about how they all work out together, St. Pierre expands:

“The uniting force is definitely a pretty holistic love for music amongst all of us. Like, we all individually love all kinds of music, and often even disagree, in funny ways, on what kinds of stuff rules and doesn’t. But the common ground is exactly where Anxious Wave’s songwriting lands. Like, if Anxious Wave was a band that none of us were in, it would the one we all could definitely agree on.” 

Photo courtesy of Vinnie Bellows

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