First Look: Brymir

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Album: Voices in the Sky, out now via Napalm Records

RIYL: Organic. Broad-spectrum. Emotion.

Art is about the expression of emotion into a given medium, and—at least for this asshole I look at in the mirror every so often—the enjoyment of music, movies, or paintings is central to figuring out how it makes me feel. It’s not always a static feeling, and for god’s sake, it never should be. However, few recent metal albums have hit so many different emotional touchpoints than Brymir’s latest and first for new label Napalm.

This is a symphonic/power/melodeath band who tended to lean on the first couple descriptors more than the latter in the past, but Voices in the Sky feels like their most broad-spectrum album by a mile, and that’s coming from someone who enjoyed their past work. Brymir has never employed such impressive melodies, written such complex-yet-soothing metal, nor have sounded so organic. It’s a magnificent, multifaceted masterpiece. Vocalist Viktor Gullichsen touches on why the shift feels so significant:

“We’ve previously had a lot of synth and symphonic layers in our music, and a big part of the way we used to work was centered around those. This time, we wanted to focus more on our actual instruments, as we’ve come to realize that the human element is the most powerful tool for expression, and whenever a melody, rhythm, or emotion could be conveyed through our hands or our voices, it has much more impact than when presented with programmed orchestras or intricate synth arpeggios—no matter how epic they would be. The most meaningful art draws from the artist’s past experiences, and for me, this is true every time—The songs that don’t build on real emotions or memories often get stuck on the drawing board.”

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Image courtesy of Brymir 

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