First Look: Matt O’Brien of No Lights Talks ‘Dream Eraser’

There is a wealth of projects where the members are taking a sharp left turn from their pasts, and few feel as unique and liminal as No Lights. Comprised of members of Kowloon Walled City, Early Graves, and Set Your Goals, little of those acts are on display throughout Dream Eraser, a record that marries the urgency and sense of overwhelming emotion from metal and hardcore with a real oozing eeriness and with immediate hooks. It feels like no genre descriptions could quite tell the whole story, but let’s say if you like David Lynch, post-punk, or indie pop, there’s something magical on display throughout Dream Eraser. Guitarist/vocalist Matt O’Brien shared that he felt slightly vulnerable when he first showed the project’s genesis with other members, though he felt instant connection and validation when they leaped on board. While many of the recording and writing techniques borrow from heavy music, lyrically, O’Brien leaned into the weird:

“This is one of the instances where we part ways with the traditional hardcore approach. A lot of the heavy music that I have enjoyed over the course of my life has had a very overt lyrical message. However, it’s not really my writing style. No Lights songs are more akin to the nonsensical piling of words that you might find in a Bukowski poem. With this band, I’m more interested in the things you can’t really put your finger on. A lot of these songs can take on different meanings for different people. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

Dream Eraser is available from The Ghost is Clear Records. Follow them on Instagram for future updates.

Images courtesy of Vanessa Caron Cantin

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