First Look: Schedule 1 – ‘Schedule 1’

Schedule 1
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Album: Self-titled, out now via Dirt Cult Records

It takes a special kind of talent and cohesion to make diverging elements mesh. That’s part of why Schedule 1 feels so special. Here’s a band comprised of members of the venerated Vancouver punk scene bringing just about every punk and alternative subgenre into the fold and making an album. The core of this excellent record is propulsive post-punk, and it’s a huge credit to the band that the whole thing is not only cohesive, but also fun and immensely memorable. All of that is possible because the members know and trust each other so much. 

Grant Minor vocalist expands on the band’s working relationship: 

“Each member of the band is an experienced musician, and we are all equally dedicated to putting in the work. It’s been a very enjoyable and refreshing experience. It makes communication and the development of concepts a lot easier. We all seem to anticipate and grasp what the other members are thinking, and we’re able to adapt and put parts where they need to be to create the songs. Each of us is coming into the mix from slightly different angles (hardcore, raw punk, Oi!, post-punk, ‘80s and ‘90s indie and alternative, emo), but this has really made it exciting, and a great learning experience. We also share the same sense of humor, which goes a long way.”

Watch the video for “Paint It Red” here:

For more from Schedule 1, find them on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Schedule 1 and RD Cane

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