Five Questions and 10 Songs with the Punk Rock Museum Tour Guides: Intruder Blue

Meet your Punk Rock Museum tour guides! We’ll be featuring five questions—the same five questions—with each of the ongoing punk rock guides scheduled to show people around the museum in the coming months.

Each one is also putting together their own Punk Rock Museum x New Noise Playlist. Today, we introduce you to the mysterious frontman for Masked Intruder, Intruder Blue, who is serving as a tour guide from October 20-23. No, we won’t reveal his real identity without a warrant, but we will help you to get to know him a little bit better.

When did you get into punk and why?

I’m pretty sure my first exposure to punk was coming across Class of 1984 on TV at my Grandma’s house as a kid. I just saw the scene where Teenage Head plays while a bunch of weirdos pogo dance. It made me feel weird, which I liked. But, on account of I was a kid, I just went back to listening to MC Hammer or whatever. Then, a bunch of years later Green Day and Offspring got all huge, and I thought that stuff was cool. From there, I learned about old bands like The Misfits and the Dead Kennedys and new stuff like NOFX and Face to Face and i was hooked. Being a little shit was very appealing to me back then. Kinda still is!

What was your first punk show?

Naked Aggression, at a teeny-tiny youth center in Madison, Wisconsin when I was 14 or 15. It wasn’t for teeny-tiny youths, just regular ones. Not that teeny-tiny youths wouldn’t have been welcome! I just mean the room was small. I don’t remember the show too good except that I moshed and it was awesome.

What part of the museum are you most excited about getting into deep detail in as a tour guide?

There’s so much amazing stuff in there that this is a really hard one to answer. I like learning about the guest’s particular interests and getting in deep about the stuff they wanna. I probably geek out the most with the Fat and Epitaph stuff, cause that’s my era. Also about the Blondie stuff, cause she was an ultra-mega lightning babe. Not saying she ain’t now, she’s just a lot older. Still would.

What is your favorite era or regional scene?

I’m fascinated by early LA hard-core, when shows were likely to become riots. The dangerousness is just cool. As far as what I’ve listened to the most, prolly gotta go with pop and skate punk from the 90s. I like a lot of 80s hard-core punk and a lot of newer stuff too from lots of sub-genres and places. So, I guess I kinda blew that question.

What is your personal most prized punk possession?

I got a few of Danzig’s evil bricks, which is pretty cool cause I had to steal them and it was scary cause I was worried I might get hexed, or at least sprayed with a garden hose.

If you want to catch Intruder Blue, tickets are available here. Stay tuned to meet the rest of your tour guides for the Punk Rock Museum!

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