Interview: Harry Leo Discusses Debut Single ‘Youthquake’

Entering the music industry as a solo artist right when a lengthy lockdown starts to disappear is a time like no other. Entering a world and industry that has been stagnant for eighteen months at a time where the world stopped spinning is a tough gesture and set of circumstances for anyone. But what if you used this as the stimulus for your creativity and craft a track that represents the vibrant and free emotions that will strike the younger generation after this pandemic. In his debut single “Youthquake” Harry Leo seizes the chance to present the optimism and hope that the younger generation will feel when they shine with life after this pandemic finally concludes.

“Youthquake” is the first track from Harrys’ upcoming and debut EP entitled “Social Commentaries”. The singer-songwriter comments on why “Youthquake” was the perfect way to introduce himself to the world and why it represents him and the future EP so perfectly. “The track represents me and the EP really well. That’s why I wanted it to be my first release. I have a lot of faith in my generation and the generation coming up behind us and think the future is bright for all sorts of things and the song addresses this. It also sets a good tone for the EP; happy songs, fun to make and fun to listen to”.

But all creative processes have their beginning, especially when working with literature and conjoining sentences and phrases to truly project what your art consists of. Harry explains just how he came up with the track’s lyrics and how the unique term “Youthquake” came to light. “I was noodling around with some ideas and a poem I’d written called ‘What a Waste of Money, Honey’ – which eventually became the lyric for the pre-chorus. I then read a friend’s dissertation and the word ‘Youthquake ’ jumped out at me. It was the perfect word for everything I was trying to say and from then the song was written within a day in a burst of creative energy”. Harry Leo is an artist that knows how to search for creative inspiration and connect his inner thoughts and artistic desires to real-world elements that transport a listener on the surface and subconsciously, resulting in a sonic experience that ignites all senses through listening enjoyment.

Harry Leo continues to further dive into what he hopes listeners to achieve through the single and how he hopes it will adjust peoples views on the youth of today and just how much the current generation has achieved. “I knew I wanted to write something defending younger people. I think we’re often passed off as zombies to our phones and sitting in the dark playing video games – which I think is a misunderstanding of new ways of entertainment and communication. We are the same generation that has pushed forward in technology and social attitudes to global issues and I think we have a lot to be proud of”. The terminology within the lyricism complements just how strong and amazing the youth of today are and when the youthquake hits after the pandemic it will be, vibrant, fulfilling, and long overdue.

Although an experienced and committed session musician, this ep and solo release comes at a time where it is a natural evolution for Harry Leo. He explains how his life course and musical journey have resulted in his upcoming EP being commonplace for him.  “It’s an old cliche but we always had music playing when I was young. Both my parents were into rock music and I think that’s still evident in my sound. So it’s always been around and I’ve always been interested in it. I think ‘Youthquake’ and releasing my own music, in general, is definitely the next step. I find it more enjoyable and more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done before, musically or otherwise”

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