Interview: Angelica talks about new album ‘Thrive’ and the concept of love

Interview with Angelica Rylin | By Eric May

Angelica, known for being in the symphonic metal band The Murder Of My Sweet has embarked on her own to create a new musical representation of herself in the ’80s inspired pop-rock album, Thrive. I spoke with her as she talked about the differences between the two music projects, her love for female fronted rock bands and her thoughts on the concept of love.

Angelica - Thrive cover

Thrive is an album that you’ve wanted to make your entire life. So how do you feel about it, now that it’s finally finished?

I’m super happy with it. I had a great time writing and recording the songs. I got an opportunity to put my vocal abilities to the test, to explore another side of rock that I grew up listening to but that I’ve put aside for some years now hence to doing more cinematic/symphonic metal.

What was the recording process like for Thrive? Who did you work with, and where did you record it? What was the atmosphere like? (What was it like working with Jesper Stromblad, Magnus Karlsson, Per Berquist and Matt Guillory?)

We recorded Thrive at Sound Vs. Science studio with Daniel Flores as producer and mixing engineer. There was very high energy and a good vibe during the sessions and I believe we’ve captured that in the recordings. I love working with Daniel. He always pushes me to become a better singer and he is just so talented!

How does this album differ from the work that you would have done in your other band, The Murder Of My Sweet?

With The Murder Of My Sweet, we aim to make music inspired by movie scores and with darker themes. I love that kind of music, it’s a true passion of mine but for my solo album I wanted to go back to my roots and make straight up melodic rock songs with a core in the ’80s AoR scene. But with a modern twist though. (Smiles)

I’m actually glad to hear a pop album that actually has serious nodes to metal and rock within it. It reminds of some of the more rocking pop singers of the eighties, like Pat Benatar for instance. What are some of the influences that inspired you to write this album?

My heroes growing up were of course Pat Benatar, as you mentioned, and Bonnie Tyler, Ann Wilson, Robin Beck, Lisa Dalbello…All being strong vocalists that brought their own thing to the rock scene. I wanted to make a tribute to this specific era of AoR music.

Angelica 2013

The lyrics on the album seem to deal a great bit with love and heartbreak, things that virtually everyone one deal with at least some point in their life. Do these lyrics actually come from your personal experience with difficult relationships?

I guess you can say that the lyrics stem from somewhere inside of me. It’s not always from my own experiences but more about my idea of love and what it’s all about. I guess we all have had both good and bad times in relationships. I’m a hopeless romantic and will never give up on love even if it’s soooo hard sometimes.

How would you define the concept of love, as related to your experiences? Do you see as a bittersweet sort of idea, or something that just requires a lot of work?

I believe that if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. You can try and stay away from it for more practical reasons or whatever your reasons might be, but it will find you in the end. It’s kind of like destiny.

What do you think of modern pop music these days?

I like modern pop music but it takes up too much air time on the radio. I think the public could do with a lot more rock!

What kind of music are you listening to right now? What kinds of artists would I find in your playlist or recently purchased CD’s?

I listen to a vast variety of music. You can find Alter Bridge, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Def Leppard and Mr. Mister in my collection.

Do you have any plans to take your solo act on the road? If so, where are you going to be playing?

I would love to go on a BIG worldwide tour, but at the moment we’re just gonna wait and see how this album will be received by the fans.

If there’s anything that you want listeners to take away from this album, what would it be?

The feeling of empowerment and the energy of the musicians.

Thank you for answering my questions, and for an album that reminds me of the days when I really liked pop music (I grew up with MTV) and it really mattered, you know – you felt it. Thanks for bringing that feeling back.

The pleasure was all mine! Thank you for reaching out and please follow me at

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