Interview: As Time Fades are Taking Cleveland by Storm with New EP ‘Trust Fall’

Cleveland is known for many things: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lebron James and the house from A Christmas Story. Hopefully in the near future, Cleveland can be known for pop punk resurgence. Up and coming quartet As Time Fades are the ones leading the charge. Their second release, “Trust Fall,” out now follows their first release just three seemingly short years ago. The band has grown up in just a short time, but this is their most poignant release yet.

“I feel like the EP as a whole, the songs can take on different meanings for people,” shares bassist Schuyler Spivey. “For Marionette, it’s a little bit on the nose, it’s just about a relationship with someone who’s pretty manipulative and closing the other person off from their friends, and just the realization of that closed off partner, being like, ‘oh wait, this isn’t good; this is not a good situation for me, I gotta get out.”

The whole band, Dan Dunlap (vocals / guitars), Danny Kekedy (guitars / vocals), Spivey, and Toby Caulk (drums), started recording ‘Trust Fall’ roughly a year ago but the whole process was initially up in the air because of the pandemic. They worked with longtime collaborator Scooter Fort and even received some input from Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, As it Is, WSTR). This album in the making was sure to be something special and it certainly is. The seven song record shows how far they have truly come.

“I think ‘Meant to Be’ was probably the most complex song that we’ve ever written for the guitar,” mentions guitarist / vocalist Danny Kekedy. “That was probably the most I’ve ever pushed myself. We wrote that in the studio with Scooter; we came in with the intro part and that’s all we had. Then everything after that just was him.”

“It [Counterweight] was super personal, super close to home,” shares vocalist / guitarist Dan Dunlap. “It was a rough time. I think that I wrote that Christmas day of 2019. I love that song; I mean just, it’s just so good.”

The music industry is starting to awake from it’s deep, pandemic slumber and As Time Fades is ready for the rally. It’s been just about a year and a half since everything changed for live music, but it’s almost as if it never happened. Shows and festivals are starting to pop up in the U.K. and now the U.S. and we couldn’t be more ready. Keeping up with being a band during such an unprecedented time, especially being a smaller band, still trying to work their way up, is the epitome of dedication. All it takes is a little patience and a little bit of hope.

“Our last show was in January of 2020; It’s been a while,” says Spivey. “I didn’t realize how much joy I found in performing with these guys until we didn’t have it and I was like, Oh My God, I need my dopamine hit now. That’s kind of what kept us sane during the pandemic; each week I had to look forward to sitting in the basement and making songs and practicing with these guys.”




Photo credit: Mariah Fritz


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