Interview: Bambies Gear Up For Release of Debut Album, ‘Summer Soon’

On their debut album, Summer Soon, out August 20 on Spaghetty Town Records, The Bambies deliver a bracing jolt of pure punk energy that harks back to the sounds of the Ramones, Canadian band Teenage Head, and The Sex Pistols. With one exception, the 12 tunes on the record are two-and-a-half-minute blasts, with catchy melodies that imprint themselves on your mind after a single listen. Most are invitations to party and dance, which is their stated goal.  

“We play our shows like it’s our last day on earth and never stop between songs,” says drummer Franki.  

“I love recording, but playing live brings adrenaline, danger, and the unknown, which is a combo I love,” adds guitarist and lead singer Sami.  

“When a crowd dances to our music, it’s the most positive review you could ever get,” Feli says. “It tickles the nerves and makes you move. We feed off that vibe. It makes us drive up the energy. You can’t really get that in rehearsal, or in a recording studio.” 

The Montréal-based trio prefer to keep their last names secret, but they do acknowledge having an international background. Feli is from Costa Rica, Sami is French, and Franki is Canadian. They honed the tunes on Summer Soon by playing them live, as often as their day jobs permitted.  

“The music got faster and Feli added more groovy bass lines,” Sami says.  

“We try to keep it at 220bpm,” Franki offers.  

“It might sound like a contradiction,” Feli says. “But the music has gotten poppier and less formulaic.”  

When they were ready to record, the trio traveled to Mexico City and cut their debut with producer Diego Mier, leader of the psychedelic band Build a Vista.  

“Diego is family,” Sami says. “He’s my girlfriend’s cousin. He works in the music industry, and I pictured how cool it could be to work with him. It was a no-brainer to fly to Mexico City to make the album. It was great to leave Montréal and have a rock ’n’ roll adventure, far away from home. We recorded the core guitar, bass, and drums live, then added the vocals and small keyboard bits to the arrangements, but we played everything ourselves.” 

After returning home, the quarantine went into effect, but they didn’t let that slow them down. 

“We all have day jobs, so we survived the lock down by mixing our album long distance with Diego,” Sami concluded. “He was in Mexico and we were in Montréal. It was a pain in the ass, but it helped everyone during the lockdown. Right now, releasing a second LP, a couple of singles, and going on tour would make us more than happy.”  

Take a listen to the Summer Soon here:

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Photo courtesy of Bambies.

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