Interview: Billy Talent’s Jonathan Gallant Reflects on Legacy, New Album

With over 25 years of experience under their belt, Billy Talent have become a powerhouse Canadian rock group. It’s impressive for any band to stay together and stay relevant for that long. What makes it even more impressive is that the lineup has not changed since their inception in 1993.  

We’ve always loved playing together and the music we make. Over the years, each of us have fallen into and embraced different roles to make the band function. Mainly, we were born to make music and have been lucky to find each other,” says bassist Jonathan Gallant.  

Alongside their love for one another, the band’s longstanding career is due in no small part to their relentless hard work. They put extra care into their music, ensuring that they’re still cranking out bangers decades later.  

“We care and work on songs until they can’t get any better for us,” Gallant says. “Ian (D’sa, lead guitars) spends countless hours in the studio writing and perfecting, and we all take an approach to our instruments in a professional way, and practice. Also, we’re fortunate that we made good decisions earlier in our career that allowed us to build our own studio to work and put the time in that is necessary to create good material.” 

Like many artists, Billy Talent were affected by the pandemic, which delayed the release of their new album, Crisis of Faith. After multiple delays, they finally decided it was time to go ahead and unleash their sixth studio record on the world.  

We took time off the road to write a record, then COVID hit just as we were going into the studio. That caused major delays. We also had to deal with a few personal issues that held things up. Once the album was completed, we decided to hold it back while the world figured out how we were going to get out of the pandemic. Ultimately, we didn’t want to wait any longer and decided on the current release date,” Gallant says.  

The album couldn’t come at a more necessary time. With many people falling into deep depression, songs like the single “I Beg to Differ” offer a message of hope and encouragement.  

“In regard to mental health, people are struggling more than ever,” Gallant says. “We had (‘I Beg to Differ’) ready to go, and people in our inner circle really loved it.  They thought, and we thought, it would be a great song to have out there. We are happy that it seems to be resonating and helping people feel they are not alone.” 

Watch the lyric video for “End of Me,” featuring Rivers Cuomo, here:

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Photo courtesy of Billy Talent

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