Interview: Bloodshot And Dilated on joining the New Noise Magazine Tournament of Champions

Bloodshot and Dilated
Interview with Rooster (Vocals)
By Iceman

Recently we wrapped up the first preliminary round of our Tournament of Underground Champions contest. It went pretty well considering the circumstances. After some heated debate between the voters, and a re-working of our voting structure, we’re back to introduce everyone to the first ever prelim winner of the New Noise Underground Tournament contest, Bloodshot and Dilated! Bloodshot is a punk rock outfit hailing from the East Bay area in Northern California. They stayed pretty quiet for the first week of the contest, and then with some help on promoting they shot up and took the lead fast, and the rest was history. I caught up with Vocalist of Bloodshot and Dilated, Rooster, and we talked a bit about BSD, and the New Noise Tournament. If you would like to submit your band to the Tournament, or want some more info on what the bands can win you can do so by clicking here. Also, you can keep up on who is in the winner bracket currently, here.

So, you guys took the first preliminary round by storm, you guys kind of laid low at first but then came out of nowhere and swept it. Do you think your luck will continue at the end of the year, when all the winners go head to head?

We hope so, in the first round we kind of jumped on the ball later in the game than we should have but it was a huge vote of confidence to see that our fans were behind us and kept voting regularly. We cant wait until its time for the winners circle, our friends in BUM CITY SAINTS are competing in round two so we hope to see them take the win to add a little extra friendly competition.

So what’s the plan for BAD? What are you working on right now, what do you plan on working on soon? Albums, tours, etc.?

As of right now we only have one goal. We have taken the rest of the year off from shows and touring to write our first full-length album. It’s coming along better and faster than we expected and will hopefully be ready by January/February 2014. Once the album is released, we will be back to playing local shows and touring as much as we can to promote the album. This will be a collection of the best of what we have to offer and will stand as the most hard hitting, in your face BAD album yet.

Where do you hope to be with this band, this time next year?

Hopefully on tour promoting the new album, and getting the word out. We’re on the ground floor right now, but we hope to drastically change that in the next year.

How often do you get out of town? I know every band wants to tour, but it’s not always easy. Has it been easy to get out and play or is it something that’s been challenging? Please, explain.

Well, we get out of town as much as we can but not as often as we’d like to. Were about as regular people as it gets, some of us have families and we all have full time jobs, making the best of BAD that we can in what little spare time we all have. We do love to tour though, getting out and meeting new people and seeing the scene in other parts of the country is a huge part of what we do. Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of us in 2014.

What are things like in the scene that you’re in right now? How’s the local area when it comes to making it out to shows, and sticking around?

Things are very busy, but good. Being from the Bay Area, you’re surrounded by musicians all trying to “make it” as it were, but that just makes you work harder and always push that extra mile. It also means your never far from a good show in your home town. With so many bands concentrated in the area there will always be conflicting shows, but we all try to make it out to everyone else’s shows and support each other as much as we can.

So, Puke On Yer Ballz, quite the title. Care to tell us what led to that name being picked for your last album?

(Laughs) I wish there was some long in depth, epic story behind the title, but the reality is it was just an inside joke between us and Blood Stained Reality from San Diego. The short version being a long party night and a confusing and unpleasant surprise the next morning. The joke was passed back and forth between us for so long that once we decided to put the split together the title was a no brainer.

Is there a message you want to send to any other bands who may be interested in joining the New Noise Tournament of Champions?

There’s no good reason not to.

Final words to our readers?

We’re coming to your town, so come out and have a drink with us.

Bloodshot and Dilated

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