Interview: Bobby Vylan of Bob Vylan Talks ‘Humble As the Sun’

Just a few months ago, Bob Vylan was recognized with the first-ever MOBO award for Best Alternative Act. Before that, Kerrang named their 2022 release, Bob Vylan Presents The Price of Life, the “Best Album Of The Year.” On the heels of those honors, the duo is releasing their most cathartic album yet, Humble As The Sun.

The future hasn’t always looked so bright for Bob Vylan. Before they were winning awards, vocalist Bobby Vylan says he and his counterpart, drummer Bobbie Vylan, were just hoping that people would show up to see them at a gig. Fortunately, fans did. But every time the duo cleared a hurdle, a new one would appear. “It got to a point where we weren’t being taken seriously by the people that we were trying to work with,” Bobby explains. “And I mean that in the sense of the labels that we were talking to, the distributors that we were talking to, the PR agents, the press agents that we were talking to. They just weren’t taking us seriously. That was a big obstacle for us.”

The duo overcame that obstacle by establishing their own label, Ghost Theatre Records, and releasing music independently. And they’ve proven they know what they’re doing. Along with the other accolades and recognition it received, Bob Vylan Presents The Price of Life made history as the first self-produced, recorded, mixed and released album would reach the top 20. Coming off such a high, Bob Vylan has a lot to deliver if they want to sustain the hype they’ve generated so far. Humble As The Sun delivers on all that and more.

“This is the album that we can create in this moment,” Bobby says. “And it’s just an evolution. And I think people will hear the album and still receive the brutal honesty that they know from Bob Vylan.”

As with their prior releases, on Humble As The Sun, Bob Vylan grapples with the struggles that many face every day. Perhaps no track on the album makes that more apparent than the single “Hunger Games,” which speaks directly to the current economic crisis that finds many struggling to afford basic necessities, like rent and groceries.

Bobby points to “Makes Me Violent” as another example. That song, he says, “talks about my relationship with this country and how it makes me feel angry and it makes me feel aggressive sometimes. I’m aware that these things are happening. It wouldn’t feel genuine to write music that didn’t concern itself with that.”

“We set out with its aim to be a more uplifting, inspirational kind of record out of all of the music that we have,” Bobby says. “This will be the most motivational record that we have put out.” The duo achieves that aim by experimenting with new sounds—like an organ—and infusing the lyrics with the empowerment and self-love they felt throughout the creative process.

Bob Vylan aims to act as a voice for those who aren’t being heard. And they hope to inspire others in the process. “If you create something that is catchy enough to spread through the masses, you could change the way that people think.”

Humble As the Sun is out Friday and you can pre-order it directly from Bob Vylan’s store. Follow Bob Vylan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Ki Price

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