Interview: Bre Morell of Temple of Angels Talks About ‘Endless Pursuit’

Imagine, if you will, a theme park run by the goth kids all grown up. Of course, everything is all black (save for some grey and very pale white, but enough about the clientele). Every entryway is arched where billowing dark fog pours out. We trade out the neon for the black lights and illuminated crystal balls, and somehow every treat is skull or crossbones shaped (apparently the thirsty bisexuals who un-ironically loved Pirates of the Caribbean were around for that planning meeting).

The drinks are called potions and served over smoky dry ice. What’s most impressive about this park is that everyone is happy (what the hell?). Yes, because not only are they getting everything they ever dreamed of, but it’s a place of comfort, of shared understanding and openness, not unlike what a house of worship should be. Despite being a debut, this Temple of Angels has been lying in wait in the Texas heat, ready to unveil its grand opening to the world. Shimmering, life-affirming melodies, and a punk-ish sense of pace and hooks are aplenty, and the lyrical depths are otherworldly. Vocalist Bre Morell does not shy away from the darkness but holds on to what hope and light are left. 

“While this record was being written, I was dealing with some intense grief and loss and having to face some traumatic experiences that I had been unsuccessfully trying to keep buried for several years until this point. I was overwhelmed with wanting to escape very badly, yet somewhere deep inside, there was a tiny part of me still determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to allow love and joy back into my life again.” 

Temple of Angels’ debut, Endless Pursuit, is out today on Run for Cover Records. You can order it on the Run for Cover website. Follow Temple of Angels on Instagram and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Madeline Northway

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