Interview: Chris “Stoph” Colasanto of Carpool Talks ‘My Life in Subtitles’

A boisterous calendar flip to 2024 is finally behind us, and we can now focus forward and aspire to be who we are and to live life as large as we can. Time marches on, but nostalgia will always be an old friend to curl up to when the times are right. For emo pop punk outfit Carpool, the times are right—right now. After breakout success in 2023, the new year shows glimmers of even bigger gains to come. But it is all due to hard, diligent work, something guitarist and vocalist Chris “Stoph” Colasanto is all too familiar with.‌

“There are times where (I think), ‘Is this really the move?’ But I just couldn’t give it up. I love it too much. And now it’s starting to pay off. I’m really excited.”

My Life in Subtitles, out March 22, is the second full-length from the band but first with Side One Dummy, who smartly inked one of the (if not THE) most anticipated bands of 2024. The collaborative team behind the scenes have been pushing all the right buttons and giving Carpool that extra nudge they need to hit that next tier. Helping that was teaming up with Buffalo’s legendary producer Jay Zubricky (Every Time I Die, Pentimento, Marigold) and all this support hit Colasanto where it was needed when putting this new album together.

“It kind of made me fall in love with writing and playing music again. We wrote this album and we wrote songs that we would listen to and songs that we would want to hear. We made an album for us, basically, and I’m super proud of it.”

Along with Colasanto (guitarist/vocalist), Carpool is rounded out by Tommy Eckerson (guitarist/vocalist), Alec Westover (drums) and Torri Ross (bass), fueling what seems to be a pretty good fit for Rochester’s spunky bunch.

“We just wanted to make a band where the main goal is for it to be fun and cathartic and a space for people to just let loose and do their thing,” explains Colasanto. “A safe space where everyone can feel welcomed, have a good time, and just let loose.”

The group built a rapport with Cliffdiver, supporting them and Michael Cera Palin in 2023, leading to a collaboration with vocalist Briana Wright on “Open Container Blues.” Personal favorites that impacted Colasanto during the process such as, “Done Paying Taxes,” “Thom Yorke New City,” and “Me vs. the Windmill,” provided a mirroring mesh of nostalgia allowing foundation and growth to blend together.

“It’s more grandiose in a way because the themes are about relationships, but also moving out of your city. I feel the way it’s written tells the story of my life and that point in time. I feel like a lot of the motifs and the themes correlate to an old ’90’s teen high school type movie. Just simple, easy, nostalgic, comforting, and also very chaotic but controlled chaos.”

My Life in Subtitles is out on Friday and you can pre-order it from SideOneDummy Records. Follow Carpool on Instagram and Twitter for future updates.

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