Interview: Christina Ward Talks About New Album And A Lot More

New Jersey’s Christina Ward has a knack for writing songs that inspire feelings of both nostalgia and renewal. A stirring blend of electronic infused psychedelic folk, the rising singer-songwriter has been making a name for herself since releasing a string of one-off singles in 2000.

The single was followed by a pair of well-received EPs, Rent and Humans, quickly fostering a dedicated fanbase in Jersey City’s active music scene. Combining delay-drenched acoustic guitars, spaced-out synthesizers, hypnotic melodies and deeply personal lyricism, Ward’s music is like an introspective daydream. Recently, we did an interview with Christina, and she spoke about the new album and a few interesting facts about her. Checkout the interview below:

To start from the very beginning, can you please share how your musical journey began?

It all started with Led Zeppelin and an electric guitar I picked up from a friend’s brother when I was a kid. I didn’t start writing songs till later on, but I loved Page and Hendrix. I would lock myself in my room and practice like crazy. It’s a life-long journey—I’ll be trying to master the guitar until my hands don’t work anymore.

How would you define your approach to songwriting?

Coffee mixed with feelings equals songs. I’m usually most creative in the morning. I start with the music and melody, and hopefully the lyrics follow.

From your perspective, is your new album, Calendar , different from your earlier releases?

I think so. It’s a learning process—I’m still figuring out how to produce and mix. I like trying out new ideas which translate into songs and albums that are pretty distinct from each other. There are elements that are similar and hopefully that makes everything sound cohesive.

How long did it take to write the record? Was it a smooth journey? Do you have a favorite track?

It didn’t take long to write, but it definitely took a bit of time to record and mix. It was fun—a lot of trial and error. I think my favorite track is “Time.” I wrote all the songs on this record during a pretty tumultuous time in my life, but that one embodies a lot of the sadness I was feeling.

How did you link up with your label Mint 400?

Mint 400 is great–Neil does a lot for the bands on the label. I sent over my EP Rent in the middle of the pandemic. I’m so glad he liked it enough to sign me! I’m honored to be a part of the roster—There are some really great bands on that label.

What are your immediate and long-term plans? We see you play a lot in New Jersey; will you be touring outside the Garden State?

Writing and recording mostly. I’m planning a few small tours, one along the East Coast in the spring. I’ll definitely be playing in the area as well!

Lastly, what does music mean to you? How important do you find it today versus when you first picked up a guitar?

I think playing music is how I’m able to process life events, good or bad. It’s seen me through a lot of tough times, and I still use it as a tool to deal with difficult feelings or situations.

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Photo courtesy of Christina Ward

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