Interview: Cobra Spell are Casting a Spell of Sleazy Feminism on the World

There’s nothing like good old fashioned, sleazy, rock ‘n’ roll, but in 2023, in a post-gender world, so much of it just feels, well, sleazy, and not in the good way. It’s no secret that a lot of hair bands, as gender-bent as their looks might have been, were actually very misogynistic and treated women terribly, which makes their whole aesthetic not so cool. 

But when it is cool is when it’s done by women, something we really didn’t see enough of in the actual ‘80s. The closest we came, in my opinion, is Girlschool, and even they weren’t really permitted to go full-on sleaze because of the predominant male culture. But Cobra Spell are changing all that. 

“I’m very pumped for this debut album; it’s a special moment for the band,” says vocalist and guitarist Sonia Anubis of their newest and first-ever record, 666, out now via Napalm Records. “The album is being distributed worldwide, so there are some nerves going on, and I’m very excited to see how the audience are going to react. 666 is an album that definitely makes a bold statement. That’s why we chose that edgy, evil title. It’s a very rebellious album because it speaks about certain themes that hold a little bit of a taboo.

“Certainly the style of music we play as women, it’s not usually played by an all-female band, this glam rock, sleazy style of music, and the lyrics are very daring and rebellious and makes a certain statement. The music is obviously very ‘80s-inspired, and different styles of ‘80s, not just the glam rock but also heavy metal, speed metal, some adult-oriented rock—There are a lot of influences in there. The themes of the lyrics vary between themes about woman empowerment, inclusivity, and being a black sheep in certain situations. And we also have some love songs in there. So there is a variation of themes, but they are all very personal and very real.” 

For Cobra Spell, it is very important to be openly sexual and liberated as a way to celebrate feminism, and they challenge anyone who feels they shouldn’t be doing that to tell men the same thing. 

“We are standing for liberation and freedom of expression,” Anubis adds. “As women, expressing ourselves in a way that is sexy, we can be told we’re not serious for doing it. But it makes us feel very empowered and confident, and if men can express themselves in this way, why can’t we do it? That’s why we need to make music like this, and why we need an all-female formation, to kind of prove the opposite.”

Catch Cobra Spell on tour across Europe, and hopefully in the U.S. soon, visa laws and booking gods permitting. And when it comes to a new album, they already have ideas for the next one in the works. 

“We already have a theme decided on what the next album is going to be; we’re on tour, and when we’re in the van, we’re coming up with some crazy ideas,” she adds. “The first album was recorded some months ago, so the ideas for the second album are coming already. I obviously can’t say more right now, but it’s going to be very cool.” 

Get the album here. 

Photo courtesy of social media

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