Interview: Devine Reiche of Anubis Talks ‘Dark Paradise’

California thrash powerhouse Anubis released their latest album, Dark Paradise, this February through M Theory Audio. They initially planned to write an EP, but after some reflection and a lot of hibernation, they emerged with a full-length record.

“This album was originally conceptualized as a five-song EP, which is what we’ve been doing, EPs and singles, but when we were approached by M Theory, that kind of made us decide we needed to make an album, so we went into hibernation mode for about a month or two and just doubled the length of what we had in that amount of time,” explains vocalist Devine Reiche. “A lot of it was done under high pressure. But we all got through it, and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m very happy with the result.”

When it comes to lyrical themes, they usually focus on whatever is currently on their minds, rather than sticking to a specific theme.

“Lyrically, I just try to write about what is on my mind at the moment that I’m writing, whatever is taking up a lot of space in my head and living rent free in my head,” he explains. “That’s what I try to write about, and so there’s not a lot of consistency, not like Sabaton or something where there’s a theme they sing about all the time. So sometimes you get more fantasy-oriented stuff; sometimes more real-world stuff. It’s kind of a seat-of-their-pants kind of thing.”

This record, while cobbled together a bit on the fly as the band realized they had an opportunity to make a full album, does not come across that way at all, as it seems that inspiration hit. Apparently, it hit so hard that they almost have another album recorded already as well.

“It’s about 60% recorded,” admits Reiche when asked about another record. “It’s going to be in the same vein as this one but pushed in every direction, so the heavy stuff will be heavier; the melodic stuff will be more melodic. There’s influences from metal genres we haven’t even touched before. There’s some stuff I think people might be very surprised to hear from us.”

Stay tuned for show dates and another album announcement from the band coming soon.

Dark Paradise is out now and you can order it from M-Theory Audio. Follow Anubis on Facebook and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Matt Bower

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