Interview: Drug Church’s Patrick Kindlon on New EP ‘Tawny’

Following the success of their critically acclaimed 2018 LP Cheer, Drug Church are preparing for another big year, with a fourth record rumored to come out later this year and an EP, Tawny, out this month on Pure Noise Records. In its blistering four tracks, Tawny draws on our collective anxieties from the past year. “A middle-of-the-pandemic lyrical approach on this one. Teetering between the type of stiff concern for the future we all had pre-pandemic and the ‘who really cares about anything all our ambitions are nonsense’ nihilism we had in the middle of it,” says lead singer Patrick Kindlon.

Drug Church Tawny
Courtesy of Drug Church.

Consistent with Drug Church’s previous material, a common thread throughout both Tawny and the band’s forthcoming LP is frustration with scene politics and people who spend an unhealthy amount of time and energy policing others. “A theme that carries over from the EP to the LP is ‘why are you in other people’s shit, man?’ Half of us are barely hanging on to the side of the planet, completely maladapted for adult life, and somehow, we make the time to worry about everyone who isn’t us. You know how comedians call lame, obvious material ‘hack?’ Well, making your limited time on Earth a response to other people is hack,” Kindlon says. 

Drug Church will hit the road later this year with Citizen, Glitterer, and Floating Room. Tickets are available on the band’s website, here

Pre-order/save Tawny here and check out the EP’s title track below.

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Featured image credit: Joe Calixto.

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