Interview: Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings Talks ‘Final Summer’

Final Summer, out now, sees Cloud Nothings solidifying 15 years of carefully curated and incredibly talented music. Their 10th album—and first on Pure Noise Records—is full of a wave of synthesizers, guitar riffs, and crashing drums that will have you dancing through the album’s entirety accompanied by deep meaningful lyrics about some of the band’s life struggles.

“It’s about personal growth, coming to terms with getting older in a world where not everyone gets older, and being able to find your own little spot in the world and power through tough times,” vocalist Dylan Baldi shares. “For me, I think that it tends to be a lot more like personal affirmations. I can write these songs, and it’s as if it’s my own meditation or positive phrase to get me through the day in a way I feel more comfortable doing.”

Of their first album with powerhouse label Pure Noise Records, Baldi says the band were ready for the switch and are excited to see what progress and changes are to come.

“It was starting to feel slightly like a diminishing return just doing the same thing over and over. It made sense to switch it up a little bit. And luckily, Pure Noise was interested, which was great,” he shares. “It’s not like some radical shift comes with the label change or with every new record, but every time we make something, we don’t want to do that exact same thing again, so we try to change the process in some way.

“It comes out as this new thing that has elements of those older things, but we present the new stuff in some different format or different light,” notes Baldi. “And that’s definitely true of this one, too. There’s songs on here that wouldn’t really fit on any of our other records, but they all kind of fit together on this one while still sounding like Cloud Nothings.”

As the band hit the road in support of the new album, Baldi reflects on what music has given him: “I just really like making music. That’s how I’ve made all the friends I’ve made my entire life. Any kind of important milestone in my life has been through music, and that’s the thing that keeps me going. When I’m questioning what’s going on or if anything’s important about what I’m doing, it’s nice to have this thing that I can rely on to continue to build my community around.”

Final Summer is out now, and you can pre-order it from Pure Noise Records. Follow Cloud Nothings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of George Abruzzo.

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