Interview: Envy Of None Talk UNHCR Donations, Their New Record and More

Envy Of None have recently released a split seven-inch vinyl single pressed on Ukraine flag colored vinyl, donating all proceeds to UNHCR. This  offering comes swiftly behind the release of their latest self-titled record, Envy Of None

We got the chance to talk with vocalist Maiah Wynne regarding their donations and the release of their new record.

You’ve made the decision to release a split seven-inch vinyl single, on an Ukraine flag colored vinyl with all proceeds from sales being donated to UNHCR for their Ukraine emergency response. The vinyl features two singles, “Enemy” and “You’ll Be Sorry.” What was it about these two tracks that made you want to make them the face of such a worthy cause?

MAIAH: When I was working on the vocals for “Enemy” a few years ago, it was right around the time a lot of protests started happening here in Portland. There has been so much going on and I’ve felt so helpless in my ability to truly make a difference. I channeled a lot of that into the song. Today, the words are so relevant to the turmoil and horrible situation happening in Ukraine. It is heartbreaking and I feel a similar sense of helplessness. I have always believed that music and art are a means to make a difference and to help raise awareness for the things that matter most. I know that Alex was feeling a similar calling to do something and try to help. Andy and Alf really rallied behind the idea too, as did the whole label and everyone who donated their time, materials, and energy to make this single happen. Andy was the one who decided the B side for the single, so I’ll let him talk about that.

With the tragedy that has occurred in the Ukraine, how did you decide that this was the best way to give back to those struggling, opposed to other options for charity during this time?
MAIAH: It was easy to see the important work the UNHCR is doing to help refugees during this crisis. With over 5 million people displaced, it made a lot of sense to choose this particular organization as they provide direct support to people in need.

The record is very crisp in sound and showcases many elements of music. Is there a certain theme that you followed when writing the record?
MAIAH: I think we fell into a natural rhythm with the song making process and that was consistent throughout the album. Each song had its own process and has its own distinct sound, but the overall record is still very cohesive because each song was the same culmination of the four of us. With Alex providing dreamy and unique soundscapes and textures, Andy and Alf providing the spine, rhythms, groovy synths, and bass lines, and me providing textured and harmonic layered vocals, each song I think naturally came together in a way that felt consistent to the rest, but unique to the individual song. We really found our own sound through this process, and it’s a bit hard for me to pin point if I’m being honest, but it is distinctly EON.

You have recently released your new self-titled record, what are some stand-out tracks that you want fans to take note of when checking it out?
MAIAH: I think I’d answer this question differently depending on the day! There are so many tracks I love on this record for different reasons. Lately I’ve been really enjoying “Dogs Life,” “Old Strings,” “Never Said I Love You,” “Shadow, and Western Sunset.”

Is there a specific message you want listeners to take away from the new record?
MAIAH: I tackled a lot of themes of introspection in this record lyrically. From Dumb, dealing with people who don’t respect you, to Dogs Life, working your life away for a dream, to Look Inside, which is all about addressing the ugliest sides of yourself. I think there’s a lot to take in with this record, but ironically, I think the song that says the most is the one without lyrics, and that is Western Sunset. Alex really painted a beautiful and meaningful picture with that song and it is such a beautiful closer to the record.

Visuals for “Look Inside” showcases a multitude of glowing imagery, how does this capture the essence of the track?
MAIAH: A lot of the visuals were planned by Andy and Jaden, who filmed the video. Jaden especially had pre visualized a lot of the video from the pill capsules to the colors and overall look. There is some metaphor in the pills representing bad habits. That song is all about looking at the worst parts of yourself in order to be better, and I think there are a lot of visual metaphors happening in that video that reference that journey of self reflection along with some really cool and intriguing imagery that matches the vibe of the song.

As you continue celebrating the release of this new record, what can fans expect to see from you moving forward?
MAIAH: Hopefully some more music, maybe a couple of special live performances given the right circumstances and a lot of really great interviews from different band members! We are waiting to see how things go and what happens next and it has been so wonderful to see the amazing response that the album has received so far. We also have a music video for “Never Said I Love You” coming out very soon.

Featured photo credit: Richard Sibbald

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