Interview: Finch Explains Why They Recorded A New Album

Interview with drummer Alex Pappas | By Alex Del Campo

Finch, the 5-piece from Temecula, CA, released a record over a decade ago called What It is To Burn which received much praise and mainstream attention, but In 2006 they decided to call it quits. Years later they returned for a What It Is To Burn 10 year anniversary tour, and shortly after they announced their official comeback and a new record in the works. Through their ups and downs, Finch has seen an end and a new beginning; hoping to root-in old and new fans with their new release, Back To Oblivion. Drummer Alex Pappas discusses their recording process, their decision to record a new album and ultimately being back from oblivion.

Back To Oblivion was released last month; what was it like heading back into the studio and recording a new album?

Finch - Back To Oblivion cover

Getting back to making music with these four guys was just a process like it is for any other band. Since we finished the initial WIITB tour a year and a half back or so, we had started writing and experimenting with new material, just kind of seeing how the band gelled in its current form. We went through a lot of material, a lot of playing in the room, to arrive at what we have for Back To Oblivion. Heading back into the studio kind of just felt like an extension of the writing process. We were done with pre-production and had been through so much different stuff that we felt we knew what we had for the studio. Up to the next big room and put it down for real…ya know?

What was the deciding factor for everyone to write a new record and ultimately comeback as a band? Did the reunion shows play an integral part in that decision?

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t… they weren’t the whole pie, but seeing the support from the fans and the actual demand first hand was something hard to ignore. I remember at the WIITB show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Electric Factory where the crowd got into such a loud “New – Al – Bum!!!!” chant that we just looked at each other and thought, “damn man, these people really want it”.

Since your hiatus what has changed within the band while on tour and recording? Is there a new sense of maturity?

I think there is a newer sense of maturity, yes. There was a time where this band would make, let’s say “different” choices on the road or otherwise, but now, everyone has the changed priorities that come with being just a little older. We appreciate what we have and just want everything to prosper so we try to make a little wiser business decisions this time around. I think that just shows in trying to tour or operate smarter these days.

Was it difficult getting back into the mindset of recording and writing with Finch after being away from it for so long?

I think it was somewhat of that natural progression of just doing some tours and then deciding to pursue more music for possibly a record. I don’t think it was difficult. No one in this posse really stopped creating in some capacity during their time away from the band, so getting back together and creating music wasn’t a stress on anyone’s character. Making a record always takes effort like refining a volume of work, but I don’t think it was “difficult” we just had to put in the time.

Did you do anything different in terms of writing that you haven’t done in the past?

Being older means that you are just hopefully a little wiser to the stuff that’s around you. We try to not shoot down any ideas and let stuff run its course before it gets passed judgment on. I don’t always have all the answers, but maybe someone else’s spin on something will take it down the right path. Sometimes the maturity part tells you to keep your mouth shut and see where this takes you first…and on the fill side, sometimes it tells you to open your mouth and say what you think.

What do you hope to accomplish with this new album?

World Domination, booya!

Is there a track on the album that you personally hold in high regard as opposed to your previous releases?

I’m proud of all the tracks on the new record. I like the movement that the record takes the listener on. I don’t really hold one or another over each other because I can’t judge our bands stuff like that; we just do what we do… For opposed to previous releases, I can’t really judge one Finch record off of another like that eighteen. We’re not going to do the same record twice, the next one will be different as well as the next. I definitely like this current record and think it has something to say to people.

What It Is To Burn was released over 10 years ago, are you at all surprised that it still holds a timeless energy that has influenced other artists in the creation of their music?

Surprised, thankful, humbled. Those are all things I feel about the success of WIITB. We just tried to do what we felt was right at the time and to have people still tell us that the record guides them through things in life is a trip. Humbled indeed, every time.

How do you feel being back on stage with Finch after many years away from it?

For me personally, it felt mostly like riding a bike. You kinda slip back into the groove playing with people you grew up with. We’re always gelling and trying to get tighter and better and figure out a better show for people, so I think we keep pushing ourselves at the moment. We have this second chance, so we can’t get comfortable on stage; we have keep it feeling pushing if that makes sense.

Has touring presented much of a challenge?

Touring now, being a little older, just puts us away from family that we didn’t have before. Leaving them behind and spending time away is the hardest part now. The logistics of touring in itself is just the same old thing… things have always been expensive and get to the next city, play the gig… get to the next city, play the gig… get to the next city, play the gig.

Is there a new found energy within the band while performing?

Just in that having this second chance at a second go around inspires us to try to give a better experience every time. Peoples love for these songs is something we don’t take for granted, so we want to make sure they have a good show!

Coming off your WIITB 10 year anniversary tour and this summer’s Warped Tour, can we expect any other tours in the near future? Are there any plans on heading back to Europe?

We have a new record coming out that we have to support, so you can probably expect it all!!!

How do you feel about the overwhelming amount of support from fans around the world?

It’s the fans that keep us going. Without them caring about us and coming out to gigs, we can’t continue to do what we do. We waited till we had everything in the bag and were certain that Back To Oblivion would even come out, to announce it. We didn’t want to promise something and not deliver to the fans this time. We love the fans and want them to know we care about them.

Pick up Back To Oblivion here: iTunes | Physical

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