Interview: We Find Out More About Hard Nips

By Morgan Y. Evans

Brooklyn’s Hard Nips write enjoyable pop songs with an edge, the guitar and keys mixing into a whirlpool of fun, tease and taunt. The group is street savvy, very talented and electric on stage. Imagine an all- Asian Runaways with more new wave influence but just as much stage attack.

My town, Kingston, NY, is spoiled lately thanks to great venues like BSP Kingston (recently hosting Sean Lennon, The Bunny The Bear, and Kurt Vile, among others) and great watering hole/eatery, The Anchor, where I just saw Urban Pioneers from Tennessee the other night. But the Hard Nips show with marching band, What Cheer? Brigade, was one of the most fun dance-a-thons I attended in recent memory. I had to corner the girls and find out more about these Brooklyn babies with grit and stylistic flair.

I loved seeing you live at BSP Kingston and being blown away. It had the energy of Ramones combined with new wave smarts and great vocals, sharp and catchy. And the stage dancing… so cool. What is the most fun part of playing? You have so much spirit.

Yoko: we just want to do what we can. We love to entertain people and ourselves!

Do you usually like meeting people through touring or do some people get too crazy?

Gooch: We’ve met so many awesome people through the show and tour. We are always excited to see new people. Please say hi to us!

Does being in Hard Nips make you best friends or drive each other crazy sometimes?

Saki: We all have a lot of energy so things can get crazy sometimes, but everyone is really on the same page about just wanting to play music and rock hard. So even when we get on each other’s nerves, I think we really love and respect each other because of this.

Is it easy to dance even if other people are not dancing? I feel like you can make everyone dance. You are a band like Daddy Long Legs or Black Bananas where it is so good that everyone can’t resist the pull of the dance tractor beam.

Gooch: We want people to dance but more importantly we want other people to make us dance. Nothing is better than when the audience surprises us and goes crazy. We love that and get a lot of energy from it.

You did the recent EP Uncommon Animal. Do you think everyone has a rare spark or are we all the same at heart under the surface?

Yoko: Of course everyone has a rare spark! Don’t be afraid to show it!

How was it recording your recent record and what did you make it sound as good as you hoped? It is very memorable song writing. Do you feel it is hard to stand out in Brooklyn? I mean, you have style and personality…so maybe it is easier.

Hitomi: We made an awesome record. What made the difference is that our producer Veronica Wyman really made some magic come out of us. We did it all with chicks and that makes us very proud.

What are some upcoming plans you are looking forward to?

Saki: Tour! We need people to book us please! Also, Ai recently joined us on keyboard and that’s been really exciting and special. She is an amazing person, badass musician, and she’s not even on our new EP so you guys have to come out to our shows to hear her!

How can we keep people inspired and positive in the music scene, communities and world best… so that it is more than just a party?

Ai: To be REALLY honest with yourself, which isn’t easy. (It’s) easy to say, easy to tell others so, but it is not easy, but is worth doing every second for life. When there is energy, especially coming right from each one’s honest existence, it really connects us and awesome things keep happening. And that way, I believe things become clearer for what really is important, and that’s inspiring and positive. And that, let’s make magic happen in the music scene, our communities, and our world! All this, I see it with my eyes with Nips since I joined the band recently (the Kingston show was my 2nd show as Ai Nip). It is freaking inspiring and positive to be and to play with people like nips who are nothing but honest and 1000% all the time, and I can’t tell you enough how much magic I’ve already gotten from and with them! And imagine if this spreads, magic is all around the world!!! I should shut up now (laughs).

“Crime Of Luv” is really a great song and very fun live. Do you think love is a crime at heart, in that it means really focusing on one person sometimes and tuning out other parts of life?

Gooch: I guess love can be a crime when it consumes everything around you and you can’t live normally. But we are very passionate people so that’s how we live– we give everything 500% of our energy! Also, if love is a crime, that means it’s a little dangerous… And that makes it a lot more fun?

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