Interview: Amongst The Forgotten talk about their recent signing and upcoming EP

Florida up-and-comers Amongst The Forgotten are pleased to announce that they have signed with At Your Command Records. The band will be heading back into the studio next month to finish work on their label debut EP, and have released a video signing announcement (watch below). We satt down and discussed the signing and new EP with the band in an exclusive first interview that can be read below. More details on the EP and possible tour plans we be released through the spring.

Interview by Tony Shrum

Hey Amongst The Forgotten. How’s life?

Pretty good! We’ve been keeping busy and working hard on the EP!

Yeah, you announced Home Is Where You Make It as the title of the EP. Can you give us any further details on it?

We will be heading to the studio to finish our EP at the beginning of March. This will be our first full EP with our new line up and we are really proud of the songs we’ve written, and how the EP came together as a whole.

The EP is set to come out on At Your Command Records. Congratulations on officially being part of their roster. How did that come about?

We’ve been in contact with the label for a while now, and after we released our latest single, we were both in a position were we could form a solid partnership.

Why did you ultimately decide on this label?

We have been following them since the signing of Pyro, Ohio, and after discussing it with each other, and talking to other bands that have worked with the label, we decided that this was a perfect fit for where we are as a band.

You also recently released a lyric video for the track “Guiding Light.” Can we expect a similar sound across the new EP?

Although we tend to stay true to our sound and message, this EP is very diverse and includes many other influences not heard in “Guiding Light.” There is a lot more of a pop-punk vibe going on, and much more clean vocals throughout the album.

The song has great production. Where do you guys record and mix your music?

We record with our very good friend Kyle Hoffer of Ponderifica Productions, based out of Orlando, Florida. He always does an amazing job for his bands and we have never had a bad experience with him.

Can we expect some touring in 2014?

We have tours in the works and are excited to meet new people and spread our music across the east coast. For more information on shows and tours, keep updated with our Facebook page at:

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