Interview: HammerFall Guitarist, Vocalist Oscar Dronjak Talks New Record

HammerFall have had quite a prolific career. They’ve been releasing epic music since 1997, with no signs of slowing down. Like many bands, their 2022 record, Hammer of Dawn, out now via Napalm Records, was both blessed with more lead time and cursed with some unexpected setbacks.  

“The pandemic actually created a really relaxed atmosphere for recording, which meant that when we went to the studio, we were able to focus 100 percent on recording, and then go home and spend time with our families, instead of being distracted by touring,” vocalist and guitarist Oscar Dronjak explains. “That was really good for the energy of the performance, in the guitars and the bass especially, because that’s what we could focus our peak energy on. We could peak our form we were actually recording, when the red light was shining.” 

For Hammer of Dawn, the band truly held nothing back, pouring ferocity and melody into the record and making it feel like a refresher of the bands’ sound and mission. When it comes to the next record, while there is definitely opportunity on the horizon, Dronjak wants to remain grounded while the world is still so uncertain.  

“It all depends on when we can get back on the road,” he explains. “I’m not thinking about the new album, really, because this one hasn’t come out yet, and we finished it quite early. So, where we normally have a lead time of about three months from when we hand in the final tape to the release, this time, they required it to be five months, and that was nice because we didn’t have to rush it.”  

Now though, after all that lead time, he is eager for fans to listen to the new album.  

“Five months is quite a long time to wait,” he jokes. “I want people to hear it. I’m ready for it to be out there in the world.” 

In terms of touring, Dronjak echoes a similar sentiment to his feeling about the next record.  

“Well, we have plans, of course, for North America this year, but it all depends on the pandemic.” 

Whatever their plans, HammerFall will no doubt continue to crush it.   

Watch the video for “Brotherhood” here:

For more from HammerFall, find them on Instagram and Twitter.

 Photo courtesy of Tallee Savage

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