Interview: Hunter Wahl of Witness Chamber Talks ‘True Delusion’ EP

On Aug. 18, Boise beatdown up-and-comers Witness Chamber released the True Delusion EP, marking a turning point for a band still locking in a nascent-but-vicious sound.

Without wasting a moment, the group released two ferocious singles prior to release, showcasing a hardened tone from guitarist Hunter Wahl and features from Minority Unit’s Jess Nyx on the song “By the Finger of God” and Ego Death’s Maximus Hall for “Of the World.”

The members of Witness Chamber have played together much longer than their hardcore catalogue would suggest, originally mingling with metalcore in earlier projects. But their current outfit—started during the pandemic in 2020—marked a turning point, with Wahl truly honing in on the bands voice between 2021’s Paradise Awaits and now.

“It’s pretty cohesive with this,” he says. “I kind of wanted to maintain the theme, kind of have a more-matured version. I think that’s the whole theme between behind this EP coming up, is I really wanted to coach east-of-field through it. I wanted it to be nicely paced. I wanted it to kind of hit every angle of hardcore. It’s got slow parts. It’s got fast parts. You got skateboards, you got death metal parts—just do stuff that so doesn’t become too monotonous when you listen to the whole record.”

True Delusion, with its cohesive medley of hardcore tones, marks more than a point of maturation for the band, it’s a moment of commitment.

Come November, Wahl plans to leave his job in favor of a full-time Witness Chamber. As things stand, the band can only tour on weekends or limited runs to accommodate day jobs back home, but the group wants to go for broke now that they’ve established themselves in the Westcoast and Pacific Northwest scenes.

“We’re kind of sitting there being, like, ‘Man, we can either just do weekends here and there, play some fests—whatever—or we can fucking go for it,” he says.

The guitarist partially credits an incredibly supportive community for the opportunity.

“We’ve made so many friends up in Washington, Oregon, even, like, Vancouver, British Columbia,” Wahls says. “And so, it was cool to be able to add people onto [the album] from the Northwest scene and sort of label us as Northwest hardcore—these are Northwest hardcore friends—and sort of have a unified front.”

With Wahl quitting his day job in November and a steady influx of fans, the guitarist teases a possible full U.S. tour in the coming year. Another major step toward longevity.

Listeners can find the new True Delusion EP on most major streaming platforms and can order physical copies from Daze. Follow Witness Chamber on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of social media.

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