Interview: Intruder 424 Talk About “Devil In Your Crown”

Intruder 424 bring their new song “Devil In Your Crown,” accompanied by a mesmerizing music video that blends into crimson light, designed by brothers Pete, and Chris Biggiani. The two brothers have been playing music since their early childhood and have shared stages with many artists, such as Alice Cooper. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with the band and ask a few burning questions. Have a look at the intriguing interview below, in which the band talks about many things including “Devil In Your Crown.”

How would you define your music? Can you please tell us about your influences?

We would define our music definitely powerful and sometimes with dark themes. Some of our influences are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Royal Blood.

How did you come up with the band name Intruder 424? Is there a story behind the name and the number?

It’s always hard to come up with a band name that sounds good and has a great meaning. When we started this, we knew we wanted a name that sounded a little dark and unsettling, so we landed on Intruder. Then we added the 424; we found out that 424 is actually a police code in an area of New Jersey that is for a criminally insane person.

What led you to write the song “Devil In Your Crown”?

“Devil In Your Crown” is about someone who tries to control you in some way, shape, or form. We have all dealt with this in life, and for us, we knew wanted to write a song about it at some point.

Is “Devil In Your Crown” a part of any upcoming release?

Right now, we are just putting out singles, and that’s the plan. In the future, we could end up putting it on our first LP.

Watch the official music video of “Devil In Your Crown” on YouTube:

Can you share your experience of making such a brilliant music video of “Devil In Your Crown”?

We loved making this video; it’s our second one we’ve done. We knew with this music video, we wanted to do something even more exciting than our last video for “Make It Out Alive.”

How was your experience working with director/producer Alex Kouvatsos?

We love working with Alex and hope to continue working with him on future releases. He really understands what we are going for when we start the process of talking video ideas. For this video in particular, he had a great idea to use a sound stage with a ton of lights. We bounced ideas back and forth for stage set up and light design, and we are blown away by the results.

How does the “Devil In Your Crown” video serve as a tempting teaser for future live shows?

Yes, it’s definitely a tempting teaser for fans to come see us live and what it would look like. We both love to play shows. Connecting with an audience is definitely one of our favorite things to do. We think people are going to be blown away by how massive we sound as just two people on stage.

Can you elaborate on your plans for future live performances?

Right now, we are looking at being out on the road in the fall, hopefully across the USA.

Intruder 424

Let’s talk about the fantastic artwork for “Devil In Your Crown.” Who made it? What is the theme of the art?

We wanted to do a tarot card style for the cover. We thought it was fitting for the song. We found an artist from France who does amazing artwork and his name is Gaeten Sahsah.

What are your near-term and long-term plans? Any other upcoming releases?

Near-term plan is to hopefully play a bunch of shows and festivals. We are also planning on more singles. As for long term plans, we would love to release a full-length album and tour around the world. As for upcoming releases you should definitely be hearing more from us soon!

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Photo courtesy of Intruder 424

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