Interview: Jonatan Quintana of Thanamagus Talks ‘Lie in Wait’

“The faster, the darker, the better,” Thanamagus vocalist and guitarist Jonatan Quintana says of his songwriting doctrine. That methodology also operates under the Portland, OR trio’s infatuation with the expiration of life, hence the band name. “We spend our time making sure we make music that reflects our obsession with death.”

Quintana, along with drummer Charlie Koryn and guitarist Nick Alosio, execute an old style of death metal a la iconic bands like Deicide and Immolation. Comparatively, Thanamagus hold death itself higher in their canon. “We worship life, see it every day, and experience it, whether it’s good or bad. With that comes a meaning. And without death, it loses that meaning,” the shredder philosophizes. “Death is the portal, the gateway … to what? We will only find out when our time comes. But until then, we pay our respects and worship death.”

Lie In Wait is the band’s debut EP, brandishing five tracks of old-school, morbid brutality. “We’ve developed a sound from growing up listening to Kreator, Sodom, Slayer–dark thrash,” Quintana expands on the release. “Dark riffs and music have always been a fascination and inspiration for all of us.”

Their inspiration doesn’t die there, though. The serpentine-sounding vocalist cites their Northwestern environment as a factor when it comes to creating such ghastly hymns. “Portland is a very calm place; it feels like Sunday every day. But it also has a strong gloom to it,” he begins. “Certain seasons, you forget the sun exists. That sort of gloom does show up in our writing.” Quintana then ties it all together with the three-piece’s core theme: “There is a loneliness to that gloom, and in a way, it brings out thoughts of and respect for death and the mortal pace.”

In a short amount of time, Thanamagus have been able to garner a following for their traditional approach at death metal. They’ve made enough noise, so far, that Quintana’s seeing their demand to tour rise, stating, “We’ve received offers and will definitely find ourselves on the road.” Along with touring aspirations, the fiery threesome also inked a deal with Carbonized Records, who are releasing Lie In Wait. “Carbonized is an amazing label, and we are very glad to work with Chad (Gailey, founder). He did a phenomenal job,” boasts the ambitious guitarist. Granted, there was an established relationship with the label’s owner, as Quintana confesses, “We have known Chad for a good amount of time. We had the recording and asked him if he was interested, and he was.” With a familiarity comes a sense of security with Gailey, as he concludes, “It was a good decision since we trust him, and he plays in a lot of great bands.”

Lie in Wait is available now from Carbonized Records. Follow Thanamagus on Facebook for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Thangamugus 

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