Interview: Justin Fornof of Wristmeetrazor Talks ‘Degeneration’

“We spent a month in seclusion living in a log cabin in the woods,” says Wristmeetrazor vocalist Justin Fornof about the creation of their new record, Degeneration, out March 29 via Prosthetic Records. “We cumulatively left the cabin three times in that month. I only left two of the three times, and Nate (Billmyer, guitarist) didn’t leave once. The record is produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Randy Lebeouf. We worked diligently with him to create Degeneration virtually from scratch—with a touch of stir-crazy madness mixed in.”

The album does not shy away from political issues, taking a much-deserved, nihilistic look at the current state of things in America.

“In a much broader context, the decaying metal crucifixes could be considered modern symbols of the fascistic natures of morality and religion, especially in American society,” he says. “There is much more of an absurdist misanthropy at play in these lyrics as opposed to the nihilism that I felt influenced (2021 album) Replica of a Strange Love. Conceptually, the record follows a general theme of a man driven mad by these injustices. It’s the closest thing we’ve come to having a concept record. However, that wouldn’t be entirely an accurate lyrical assessment.”

Growing from an initial solo project of guitarist/ vocalist Jonah Thorne, to a duo, the band has now expanded to a full four-piece, with Billmyer joining on guitar and Elaine (aka Userelaine) joining on bass.

“I played bass for the band for the first four years that we existed, but playing and singing was something I think was taken as far as it could go,” says Fornof. “The current lineup adds a much heavier dynamic than we’ve ever had before.”

In addition to their now heavier and more intentional sound, Fornof says that while they know they will always be associated with metalcore, they are looking to take their sound and influence further.

“It’s been good to us, but I’m not sure how much further the same 2000s sound can be pushed,” Fornof concedes. “It’s been done at this point, and the excitement the revival once had has dulled a little for me. We are—and probably will always be—considered a metalcore band, which is fine, but there is more to it. I think we are starting to stray and hopefully redefine.”

Degeneration comes out on Friday and you can pre-order it from Prosthetic Records. Follow Wristmeetrazor on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Simpson

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