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When the pandemic was starting to take a little more shape, learning the new ropes of starting a band in a completely uncertain climate, was a very daunting task. The normal way of doing things was out the door as everyone waited for hopeful resolutions of the scene and its place in the society under isolation. One positive aspect of being in a global pandemic is having the time to be able to put extra care and effort into the art being released and to trial and error different ideas and therein lies the creation and upward tear of pop, rock outfit kind..

We’re taking different approaches releasing the actual stuff every time,” shares guitarist Jake Ratelle. “The first [song], we did a very  brick and mortar guerrilla [campaign]. I was just sending emails, getting us on anything we could. Then this time, ‘let’s work with the PR company and see how far that gets us.’ So, every time we’re doing something different we’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

They currently have released two singles, Daylight and Fall, and have a handful more waiting in the ringer. Being thrown into a preliminary curse followed by a blossoming blessing, taking the time to ensure each step of the process was to their liking eventually led to the direction kind. has been looking to go. Instead of piling up songs and putting out an album, the band is treating each song as its own album, set with marketing directives in the planning stages.

They definitely all explore different sides of all of our strengths, which is really fun. It’s fun to have a good focal or center point, but then, being able to go off of that, it’s a little more interesting than a record with 10 songs [that] sound the same.

Nick essentially posed a challenge to both Brandon and I as the songwriters to think outside the box a little bit. This song [Fall]: Brandon threw a watch party for the last episode of Game of Thrones and fucking hated it. And got blackout drunk. It’s a very funny story. I don’t know all the details but, I remember he [sent us] the song and we said, ‘did you read [this] thing and he said yeah, that night that I got super hammered because I hated the Game of Thrones. I’ve never watched it but knowing the story and then listening to his lyrics, I’m always like, you sly son of a bitch. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

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