Interview: King Conquer on educating the people, “Beach, Babes, and Breakdowns” tour, Donald Trump, and their new album 1776

King Conquer
Interview with guitarist John Byrd
By Tony Shrum  |

Your new album 1776 is out and chock full of social commentary. Going into this album was this idea? Did you have a thought like, “We’re going to write songs about this” or was it simply subject matter that comes to you when writing lyrics and instrumentation?

We try to keep it pretty natural during the writing process. We write pissed off music for the most part, and what naturally pisses me off is the political and social issues going on in the world today. Also while most of the songs have an underlying political message, that’s not all I have to say I wrote one song about an ex (demoralized), and another about a previous band member (dead last).

Yeah, your lyric video for “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is a good example with lyrics including, “a designed collapse of the world’s economy” and “creates the problem and sells the solution.” Do you see there ever being a major change in the way the United States is being run?

I see that a major change has already occurred. It’s been handed to us over time very gradually to condition us to accept our fucked up society.

On a side note, while watching the lyric video, this video was over in the right-hand column o I had to click on it. You ever see this before? What are your thoughts on this dude?

He seems pretty nuts, but have you seen these psychotic assholes in D.C? [Laughs]

Going back to the way the United States is being ran, I’ve recently been seeing a lot of people talk about the state of higher education in the US, including students often taking on great amounts of debt from student loans when they finish school.

It’s a huge profitable scam in some cases. The prices of tuition are ridiculously excessive. It’s a common thing to see kids fresh out of college with a degree and they can’t find work at all. They’re left with a massive amount of debt and a job at a fast food place they’re apparently overly qualified for.

And the United States is a baby compared to most countries. Why doesn’t the US look to those older countries for ways to do things the right way?

Those older countries are run by the same financial interests as the U.S. The U.S is a puppet state. Our gigantic military is used to accumulate more wealth and power throughout the world while being disguised as the only way to protect our perceived freedoms.

Alright, this interview came out guns blazin’ talking about the fuck ups of the US. What are some things the our country is doing right, whether it’s the people or the government?

More people are becoming aware of what’s going on in the world. That’s good. The first step to change and revolution is the education of the people. I hope things can get back to the ideas of ‘1776’ before any type of violence is a necessity.

And you’re actually currently touring this beautiful country. Gotta give it up to us for having some awesome landscapes to look at while you travel around. Any particular areas of the country you always look forward to going, fans and show turnouts aside?

I actually won’t be participating in this upcoming tour. I just recently rejoined the band, and I have to do a little more planning before touring again. Derick the other guitarist and fills ins will be on this one. After that tour we’ll be regrouping and getting everything back on track. To answer your question though I enjoy the South in the winter, and the North in the summer.  That’s about it.

You guys are from a pretty nice place, Naples, FL. So it’s got to feel relaxing going back to that city. I also read Donald Trump has a house in Naples. It’s gotta suck a little bit knowing you sometimes share your city with ol’ Trump, right?

It’s relaxing if you’re one of these billionaire dickheads on one of their beautiful golf courses or country clubs. For people like us being in this area just makes you more conscience to the income gap, and the realization that today the American dream is a facade.

Well, may the beaches, babes, and breakdowns be plentiful from here on out.

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