Interview: Lis Di Angelo of Filth is Eternal Talks ‘Find Out’

“I’m extremely vulnerable all the time” says Lis Di Angelo, front person of Filth is Eternal, at one point in this interview, and with that statement, they completely characterize their own personality and the ethos of their band. Never short on heavy riffs or heartfelt hugs, Filth is Eternal are changing the face of what it means to succeed in the genre.

But behind the big smiles and even bigger riffs, their vulnerability also sheds light on what it was like to come to terms with a lot of things during the pandemic. Many of the themes on their new record, Find Out, out now via MNRK Heavy, is a reflection of just that. With a title that simultaneously challenges haters and begs for introspection, the album is fun and heavy but also focused inwardly.

“I think the pandemic was a time of introspection for absolutely everyone,” Di Angelo says. “A lot of my friends are industry, and I’ve been industry. I did bartending forever. And there was a lot of, ‘What are we doing? Are we happy with what we’re doing? Are there some changes we want to make?’

“And for me, a real potency happened with mental health. I really, honestly, hit an absolute rock bottom. I’m being more outward about discussing this than I ever have been in my past, but I have been dealing with suicidal ideation my whole life, not realizing for a long time what I was dealing with, but trying to get a grasp on what was going on with my mental health. Mental health was a huge part of what I couldn’t help but be focused on (while writing the record). Again, we’re talking about isolation; we’re talking about having a lot of time to be stuck in your own head thinking about things.”

With this theme on their mind, the music and lyrics highlight tropes of trying to break out of cyclical patterns and figure things out. And while working through this process, Di Angelo also had a very personal revelation.

“I realized a huge, huge part of my pain and suffering was coming from dysphoria, and I never really understood that until I started having all this time to start reading things on forums, because what else are we doing? So I had all this access to conversations that were starting to come up. I screw things up all the time. I am a fucking mess. I’m a dark person. I have all this crap inside me that I’m trying to work on. We all are. We all have this stuff that we’re trying to work on. And I thought about that a lot. I was like, I’ve made a ton of mistakes, and I’ve had a lot of time to see how my own behavior, my own addictions, were impacting everyone around me. So it was really a great time to hit the breaks, really dig in, and go, ‘Okay, what can I get control over?’”

On this record, the music is even heavier while also leaning into a healthy dose of punk catchiness, and the lyrics are more real than ever before, something that can be terrifying but was also so necessary.

“A lot of artists fear getting judged about their work. They get fear of putting themselves out there every day in a very public way and getting scrutinized, whether they admit it or not. I don’t know; I just felt like it was time to write about what I know and what I was feeling and be really honest and raw about it.”

Find Out is out now from MNRK Heavy. Follow Filth is Eternal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for future updates.

Photo courtesy of J. Donovan Malley.

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