Interview: Love, Robot on their new video for “Fire Escape”

Love, Robot
Interview with vocalist/guitarist Alexa San Roman
By Tony Shrum

Your music video for “Fire Escape” looks great! Where was it shot and who came up with the concept?

We shot in a bunch of different locations from Lido Beach on Long Island to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. The concept for the video originated with me wanting to document my travels and blossomed with the help of Patrice & Joe from LGTR Productions into what you see today.

The subject matter of the song focuses on longing to be close to someone. Does this pertain mainly to physical distance, emotional distance, or another form?

It’s meant to cover all grounds of distance. I think the chorus lyrics “You’re just so far away” can really adapt to any form of distance whether it be physical or emotional.

Was there ever a real life incident on a fire escape?

Yes there was! In the lyrics you’ll hear me say ‘we could talk on the fire escape and fight the sight of daybreak’ Like everything I write about, this was a real incident that occurred thinking that the chill of the night air would keep our eyes open a little longer.

I also noticed in the video the story followed a same-sex couple. Is this something that’s directly related with the band, or family members of the band?

It’s something we all agree is danced around sometimes and we’re just trying to portray a same-sex couple in a situation that a heterosexual couple could be in as well. The point here is not that there are two girls, it’s to portray longing for the person you love. Whether it’s two girls, two boys or a boy and girl it shouldn’t matter, the message is the same.

Is “Fire Escape” just a single or is part of an official release?

“Fire Escape” will definitely be a song on our next album!

When can we expect the next album? Tour?

We are currently writing the next album! Hopefully sometime in the winter possibly, January of 2014 indefinitely. We’ll be focusing on writing  so tour will be limited to hometown shows for a little while.  |  |

Official Tour Dates:
July 17th – Bayshore, NY @ Even Flow Bar
July 19th – Holbrook, NY @ Globe Throw
July 27th – Bayshore, NY @ Even Flow Bar
July 29th – Acoustic Mike Lerner Photo Workshop

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