Interview: Man Must Die Has Some of the Heaviest Riffs Known To Man

Interview with Joe McGlynn (Vocals) | By Alex Gilbert

Scottish tech death juggernaut Man Must Die have been known to unearth some of the heaviest riffs known to man whilst maintaining an undeniable and sometimes groovy structure, and the same applies with their latest Lifeforce Records full length, Peace Was Never An Option. New Noise Magazine got the chance to catch up with original vocalist Joe McGlynn, who gave us an excellent look within the band, the new album, and more.

The new Man Must Die album, Peace Was Never An Option, just might be the most focused I have heard the band, plus it’s a tech juggernaut of a beast at the same time! Seems like you guys put some good time into doing this one, you must be proud of the outcome?

Yeah man, we are super happy with how it turned out, the new album is definitely the strongest and most diverse thing we have done to date. In a way, having a four year gap gave us more time to sit with the new material and really make it the best we could. It is leaps ahead of the last record in so many different ways.

You guys still some of the gnarliest riffs in the game, and it really shows on Peace Was Never An Option. The balance of shred, melody, and absolute brutality itself is brilliant, and ultimately, progression in metal. Can you run me through the song writing process for Man Must Die?

It always starts with either Alan or myself coming up with a few riffs, and we build from there. Once we have the basic structure down, I then start to program the drums, and once we have the music completed, I start working on the vocals. When the whole thing is complete, we then give it to the other guys in the band to learn and add their own things here and there.

The music video for “Antisocial Network” has a great storyline as well as some great performance snippets. Do you have any plans for any additional music videos in support of Peace Was Never An Option?

We hope to do another video but we are not sure what song it will be for. There’s a few cool ideas floating around so there should be something in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled…

Peace Was Never An Option is killer with no filler from start to finish. Even the interludes do a great job of leading the listener into what’s to come. What are some of your favorite songs off of the new release?

It’s hard to pick because they all have a certain charm for me, but if I really had to pick, I would say my favorite would be “The Day I Died.” It’s very different for us – it’s slow and heavy with a lot of twists and turns. The other one would have to be “On The Verge Of Collapse,” simply because it’s pure aggro.

Man Must Die - Peace Was Never An Option cover

The album artwork on Peace Was Never An Option is excellent! Could be one of the best I’ve seen this year. Have some quick shameless self-promotion for the artist in charge?

The artwork was done by a friend of ours called Andy Brown, we have worked with him all the way back to the early years – he did the artwork for our first album… Start Killing as well. He also directed the video for “Antisocial Network.”

Does Man Must Die plan on doing any touring in the US anytime soon?

We hope to go over to the US at some point next year. It’s kind of difficult for us as we all still work full time jobs, so we need to try and work it out around that, but it’s definitely a priority. Canada and Australia are on our list as well, we have a ton of fans that have been waiting years to see us over there.

Both The Human Condition and No Tolerance For Imperfection were amazing albums, and I’m glad you guys follow in that same fashion with Peace Was Never An Option. Leading into my next question, what does a typical Man Must Die setlist look like? A good mix of the new and old?

Yeah, we will try and cover all our albums but the priority is the new stuff. There are certain songs that we need to play or people would be pissed off, but that’s the same for any band. It would be like going to see Black Sabbath and they didn’t play “Paranoid”! People have paid money to see you so you need to give them what they want but at the same time make ourselves happy.

If you could create a dream tour, who would be on it? Feel free to go all-out on this question if you wish.

If it where up to me, it would be one seriously fucked up bill (laughs), let me think. Queen (only with Freddie), Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Slayer, The Smiths, Carcass, Misfits (only with Danzig), Ice T, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Man that really is fucked up!

Man Must Die has gone through some lineup changes in recent years, but the chemistry on Peace Was Never An Option is natural, it works, and is distinctively Man Must Die. I’m excited to hear what is next, is there new material already being thrown around as we speak?

We have a ton of riffs left over that are all killer we just couldn’t fit them in anywhere (laughs). That’s one thing there is never a shortage of between Alan and Myself, RIFFS!!! We are working on a song for a UFC fighter at the moment as part of our pledge music campaign, so that should be out in the next few months. Alan and I are, and, have always been the core of Man Must Die – we’ve written everything from day one so although we lost a few members, it did nothing to change the chemistry.  |  |

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