Interview: Marissa Nadler Expands on Her Newest Record and More

Marissa Nadler has released her ninth studio record, The Path of the Clouds via Sacred Bones and Bella Union.

The record highlights the artist’s ability to create steady, pulsing rhythms throughout tracks. The songs flow together making for smooth transitions that designs a cinematic feel as listeners make their way down the record.

As each song was released, Nadler established cohesive visuals. She cultivates meaningful storylines that embodies imagination to tremendous power.

Below, Nadler expands on the new record, her unique inspirations, and her future with music.

With the release of your new album The Path of the Clouds, the tracks sound very cohesive; is there a theme you tried to follow when recording?
Not particularly, other than trying to make it sound good. I put my heart into it from start to finish. 

You’ve mentioned that when writing “If I Could Breathe Underwater,” you contemplated possessing superhuman powers. What was it about this song in particular that sparked this imaginative thought?
The imaginative thought came before the song. It’s a lyrical device, using metaphor as a jumping-off point to discuss more personal matters through these powers. 

“Couldn’t Have Done The Killing” highlights an ominous tone with a dangerous visual. Can you expand on the inspiration for this track and video?
 Very close friends of mine made the video for this song, and I must say, the did a wonderful job on it. There’s some true-crime influences to this new album (three songs directly inspired from real-life stories). 

Is there a message that you would want your fans or new listeners to take away from The Path of the Clouds?
I really just want people to listen to it and enjoy it, connect with it. In my opinion, people take their own messages away from art. 

Throughout your social media, your accounts are laced with various shades of grey and black, with hints of nature and neon. How does this represent you as an artist? Or is this just your personal touch?
I have a fine-art background, so I’m very interested and involved in the visual accompaniments to my music work. I have always loved black and white because it’s classic, and I can really see compositional elements clearer and without distraction. Color is actually a fairly new thing for me, but The Path of the Clouds called for it. 

As we move closer to 2022, what can fans expect to see from you?
There is going to be more music. I’m also going to be dedicating more time to painting. 

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