Interview: Melissa Bonny from Ad Infinitum Talks About Her Journey with the Band and Much More

Symphonic metal band Ad Infinitum have recently released their electrifying third studio album, Chapter III – Downfall, via Napalm Records. The record has found critical acclaim throughout the metal realm, and we found a chance to talk to the super versatile singer Melissa Bonny. She shared a lot of interesting facts with us, such as her inspirations, her experience with the band, how they write the songs, and the future of the band. Find the intriguing conversation below.

What made you aspire a career as a singer? Who are your top influences?

I have always loved singing since I was a little kid. I was singing and making choreograph in my room on Britney Spears songs. My influences evolved a lot, of course, since then, and I couldn’t name one particular person who gave me the urge. At one point, the envy just stuck in the back of my mind until I finally made it happen. From rock bands to pop stars, from my childhood to my young adult years.

How has your journey with Ad Infinitum been so far? What is your brightest memory with the band?

The journey so far has been very encouraging and heartwarming, especially staring at the very beginning of a global pandemic. We received so much support from fans who had just discovered our music. We felt that they wanted to help us and follow our journey. The two strongest memories were the very first concert and the very first tour when we were finally able to meet all these people who had been listening to our music and encouraging us.

Do you play any musical instrument? Do you have any plans to learn any musical instrument in the future?

I play a bit of guitar, acoustic mostly, but also electric for songwriting purposes. I would love to play the piano well. I have very basic skills, also for my work as a songwriter.

Watch the official video of “From The Ashes” on YouTube:

How did you come up with the name of the band? Is there a story behind it?

The band name was inspired by the Latin spoken intro at the beginning of “March of Mephistopheles” by Kamelot. I’ve always thought this was such a powerful moment in the song. I also love the meaning of it; it makes me think about music as something infinite, timeless.

Can you tell us about your songwriting process and the lyrical themes? How do you come up with the ideas to write about?

We usually all brainstorm together. The band is a total democracy, and it’s important for us that everyone feels inspired by the work we are doing. I really believe that this is one of the secret ingredients of great music.

Lastly, where would you like to see Ad Infinitum after five to 10 years? Any big plans?

I hope that we will continue to level up, as I like to say. We are experiencing this beautiful journey, visiting more countries, developing our sound and skills. Hopefully we continue to have fun and to open doors that will allow us to spread our music.

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Photo courtesy of Ad Infinitum

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