Interview: Monkey3 Welcomes You To The Machine

Monkey3 are excited to present Welcome to the Machine. It’s their latest album with Napalm Records. When asked about their inspirations for the album, they reply, “We partially drew our inspiration from films such as Matrix and 2001: A Space Oddity and books such as 1984 and Brave New World.”

Presave Welcome To The Machine here.

Monkey3 describe Welcome to the Machine as, “one track divided in five chapters. It’s meant to be listened to as a whole story. To enhance the concept we wanted to express, we pushed the electronic side of our sound more than on any of our previous works. There’s also a more progressive edge to it.” Overall, when it comes to the new album they “feel happy about the new work and can’t wait wait for people to hear it. We’re also curious how the new tracks will pass the test of live shows.”

Recording-wise, as it’s one big track and they enjoyed every minute of the recording process. What was the writing and recording process like on this album?

“When we started to work on this new album, we favored spontaneity and leaving the mind free from concepts and musical directions to take. When we had enough material, we started to see the vibes and atmospheres that these new pieces suggested. At this point we worked on developing the overall concept of the record. Overall, we spent a substantial amount of time on the writing and pre-production work. The recording process was fast: 10 days in the studio and e verything was done. The team and studio were the same as our previous album, Sphere.”

As far as themes and concepts go, “this album offers a defined common thread. We wanted to express our doubts about the evolution of our society and duality which pits man against machines with all the excesses that this already implies today and what this will imply in the near future. Musically, we deliberately pushed the electronic side of our sound and opposed it to the purely organic aspect of our music. The pieces on this album are a constant confrontation and fusion of these two aspects.”

Moving forward, Monkey3’s next step is to bring the new album on the road. They’re going to prepare a brand new show and they can’t wait to be on stage sharing new music with their fans. They plan to start touring Europe in May and festivals in the summer and another Europe tour in the fall. Early 2025 will feature an Australia tour.

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