Interview: MoonKill Talks Self-Titled Album

I can’t make any grand statement for everyone, but my attention span is shot to hell thanks to the internet, social media, and more time inside than I’d prefer (though my pasty skin tone disagrees). Sometimes you need something to immediately grab you by the throat and not politely ask but rather to demand your attention. I love a slow-burn story as much as the next person, but going from 0-60 in a hurry is welcome sometimes. MoonKill understand that immensely, as their brand of heavy punk does not fuck around. Nor does it wait for you to find out, either. If you have loved any of the acts associated with Glenn Danzig or music that splits the difference between post-punk and hardcore, then we may have your new favorite band. The fact that they started at a t-shirt factory means their merch game is on point, too. Regarding their rapid pace, that was entirely the point:

“We were all just wanting to play music and itching to play something more aggressive/in your face. We needed to get some tension out, and this was like a little ventilation system. We wanted the album to have grit, to keep it fast and energetic throughout, not giving the listener enough time to grab a beer. We wanted it to be constantly reeling you in, which translates into how we play it live and on the album. The songs come at you fast and hard and that was the intention.”

MoonKill is out on Friday and you can pre-order it off Bandcamp. Follow MoonKill on Instagram and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Svoboda

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