Interview: Noah Burns of Melancholia Talks ‘Book of Ruination’

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain for a second here. Talking about 10-12 new bands every issue can be a challenge when you (smart, sexy reader that you are) know that not every one is totally unique. I never lie to you, but some bands have an easier “hook” than others. Some I have to find a fun little metaphor to fill space. With Book of Ruination, I’m just gonna beg you to go to Bandcamp and press play with either headphones or nice speakers and 35 minutes to spare. Why are you here still? Simon sez go listen! Now that you are back, realize that Melancholia are a damn two piece, somehow. Not only is that impressive from a sheer sonic perspective, the amount of creativity and gleeful genre-what-the-fuckery is nuts. Featuring drummer Noah Burns from the criminally underrated prog metal band Wild Throne, Melancholia do a lot of things individually (sludge, black, doom, prog, riffs, with truly The Muppets Animal behind the kit if he took Adderall); however, what they do collectively is rip. Both as single songs and as a stunningly cohesive whole, this is a stunner of a record. Only Friko from recent issues compares in quality, and if your ears are attuned to the heavy and weird, you’re damn welcome.

I asked Burns how they created something so cohesive as a duo:

“That cohesion is absolutely a necessity when the band is a 2-piece. We have so much space to fill. Gage’s voice is so special and powerful that I feel like there are actually three instruments at play, but there is still a lot of ground to cover. We definitely consider each other, and each other’s parts when constructing the songs. I play a lot. Like a lot of notes. But I like to let Gage’s riffs have space too. It’s been an awesome learning experience, and exercise in phrasing and restraint. When to go fucking ham and when to let the song breathe a little.”

Book of Ruination is available now from Brutal Panda Records. Follow Melancholia on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Byron Gouette.

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