Interview: Orava on ‘Now I Know’

We spoke to French multi-instrumentalist Orava about his next record, Behind The Wave, out September 25, and his latest track, “Now I Know.” 


How would you describe your sound? 
I’m part of a generation that grew up listening to music on iPods. I was exposed to a huge diversity of genres from a young age. My sound therefore comes from varied styles and eras, and I’d describe it as a blend of alternative rock and electronic music. 

In 2016, I left my native France and studied at the Musician Institute of London for three years. I graduated as a session guitarist and slowly started to produce my own music.

My songwriting is heavily influenced by my guitar playing, and having a musician background is what stimulates my creative process as a producer. The mix of traditional and digital instruments is the main characteristic of my work.

What was the writing and recording process for “Now I Know,” and what does the song mean to you?
The song was written and recorded between home studios and professional workspaces in London, such as the Soup Studios and Abbey Road Studios. 

When I made  “Now I Know,” I aimed to express how hard it can be to change our vision on life. Many of us tend to focus on trouble and forget that everything is a matter of perspective; this is what this song means to me.
Musically speaking, this single paints a good picture of what I do, an old school/new school crossover combining rock-orientated guitar playing with synthesizers along with an experimental sound and tone design.  

I saw you’ve done some livestreaming—do you have any more livestreams, shows, or tour dates in the works? 
I just had my first livestream on the @annieomusiclive Instagram page. I’d definitely like to do more online performances in the future.  It is a great way to interact and connect with an audience and artists’ responsibility to keep on sharing music through these weird times.

We’re currently working on my album release showcase which will hopefully take place in Paris in October. 

How are you holding up during COVID, and how has it impacted your creative process? 
COVID had a huge impact on the live performance side of things. I had a band live set rehearsed and was looking for gigs in the U.K. back in January. Lockdown surely affected my plans but also gave me some time to work on new songs and future projects. We’ll have to deal with the restrictions, and I do hope to be able to perform live (in reality) very soon. 

Is there anything else you have in the works, or anything else you’d like to add? 
I am very excited and looking forward to the release of my first album Behind the Wave. It will come out on September 25 on all streaming platforms. 

“Now I Know” is my third single after “The Rest is Noise” and “Behind the wave” and will be included in the album tracklist. 

I am also releasing the “Now I Know” music video which you’ll be able to find on Youtube. There will be a new music video coming out next month as well.

You can follow me on social medias at to get notified for the upcoming release and other announcements.  
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