Interview: Protect Your Heart – Rampant with Inspiration

Warped Tour has obviously had an immense impact on fans and music lovers alike since its inception, whether making core memories watching the bands that forged your identity or discovering new favorites that evolve your soul. There is hardly a bigger inspiration awakening aspect of life other than Warped tour and of course it should be poetic that the last one would ignite the birth of pop-punk outfit Protect Your Heart. 

“When I saw it was the last one, I begged my wife to get me tickets for my birthday,” shares guitarist Kean Bartleman. “We all hopped in the car and made a big group trip out of it. We’re listening to all the bands that we’re going to see on the way there and then the whole way home, we’re like, ‘dude, we should try and just see if we can write some stuff like this,’ and the very next day, Jake sent over three ideas through iMessage and was like, ‘Here you go; I started something,’ and we just started doing it every day or every week from then [on].”

What made this project even more special is the fact Bartleman grew up in a smaller part of Indiana, three hours from the closest date of the summer’s biggest party, and trying and failing to convince their parents to make the journey set off an energy into the universe that wouldn’t be collected until just a few years ago. Now, the crew have six singles under their belt with plans to release an album later this year. The songs are a smorgasbord of genres that blend exquisitely together, ready to be introduced to the world.

“We’re heavily influenced in the EDM world and also Jake does hip-hop producing,” explains vocalist Matt McDonald. “Then I came from a world where I’ve done rock records, EDM records and hip-hop / rock records. I think we all just carry each of those influences so heavily into this not just in how we write the song and craft it but, [also] in how we mix it. That’s what gives us a slightly unique flavor from the rest of the scene.”

Keep your eyes on Protect Your Heart in 2022; no live shows under their belt as of yet, but they have been getting big nibbles and are just waiting for the right fit. More info on the band can be found below.

Protect Your Heart is:

Matt McDonald: Vocals
Jake Bratrude: Guitar
Anthony Palazzole: Bass
Kean Bartelman: Guitar



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