Interview: Pulley’s Scott Radinsky Talks Band’s First LP in Seven Years

Seven years after Pulley last released a studio album, their newest offering, The Golden Life, drops May 13 on SBÄM Records. It all started with last year’s Different Strings 10” EP – an acoustic reimagining of four tracks from their debut album, 1996’s Esteem Driven Engine – and their first release for their new label. 

“We were taking a couple of songs off the previous records, and we were going to do a series, which I hope we still continue,” says vocalist Scott Radinsky, “but we kind of got bored after a while. We needed to plug in and play. So that’s how the new songs came about.” 

“It was definitely challenging,” he admits of the acoustic release. “It was the first time we’ve done anything like that. You certainly hear yourself a lot more, and you’re a lot more conscious of how you sound because everything’s so clean.” 

As with a lot of new releases right now, the multiple lockdowns over the past two years have definitely been a factor in the creative process. 

“It’s kind of what kick-started the whole thing,” Radinsky says. “When everybody was off work early on, we had an opportunity to get together and rehearse. And it just led to writing and more writing, and before we knew it, we had a pretty good batch of songs.” 

This all marks the start of a new era for Pulley, with new official members, and a refreshed dynamic within the group. 

“We have a guitar player that we’ve jammed with for over 30 years, and a new drummer who has been filling in during live shows since 2013, who’re full-time now,” he adds. “You can see in somebody’s eyes that sense that we’re connected, and that’s a tough thing to find.” 

Then there’s the unofficial “sixth member of the band” – artist Mark De Salvo.  

“We’ve done just about every [record] with him for the last 20 some odd years. We just give him an idea and let him run with it, and he’s always come through. He’s done a really good job on this one.” 

From the early days with Epitaph Records to 2019’s induction into the Ventura County Music Hall of Fame, Pulley has always been passion before everything else. 

“It’s never been a job for us, so I think the camaraderie has been sustainable because there’s no bitterness. We could be in front of 10,000 people or 10 people and the feeling inside each guy would be the same,” Radinsky says. 

“I can go back to 1982 and my musical goals really haven’t changed from the days of playing in the garage.” He continues, “It’s five people who get along. We enjoy going to our studio and rehearsing, we enjoy each other’s company, we enjoy playing music live. And as long as we don’t oversaturate it to the point where it’s not fun, that’s the number one goal. There’s not a lot of bands that can honestly say that.” 

And while Radinsky has a lot to be stoked about, with the new album and tours on both sides of the Atlantic lined up, he also likes to take solace in the little things. 

“I’m super excited about a new record coming out. I’m looking forward to playing some of these songs live and spreading the word,” he says. “But in general, I just get excited about waking up every day and wondering what I’m going to do. And then when I go to sleep at night, knowing that was a good day, that excites me. I keep it simple.” 

Watch the video for “Golden Life” here:

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Photo courtesy of Nicht Verwenden

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