Interview: Save Face and the Case of Life

You want a record that has the sounds of My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Pierce the Veil and Michael Buble? Well, Another Kill for the Highlight Reel from New Jersey outfit Save Face has all that AND MORE. Not only will you be serenaded to the stylings of the aforementioned but you will also get a heavy dose of life, smacking you in the face and forcing you to sit down to take it all in and settle the score once and for all by answering one seemingly simple question… who am I? Even though the sophomore album has been out now via Epitaph Records since the end of October, it’s as pertinent now as it was then. Just because time keeps marching on doesn’t mean perspectives and answers can change.  Over the course of the last couple years, vocalist Tyler Povanda has made that treacherous journey of navigating life, but on his terms.

“Including our last album, my perspective on everything was a lot different. It was a lot more of doing whatever and I feel like I was a little lost after the last album came out. Now, there’s a lot more going on than when I started writing songs. When I started writing the last album, none of this was on the table and now everything’s different and that’s pretty jarring; you’re kind of looking around the room, so to speak, and wondering what to do with your art, or what to do with your time as an artist. Eventually I pivoted away from what I was trying to write, and I just started going down the rabbit hole of this different, newer sound and regained focus on who I am, what I like and what I want to make right now. The album is pretty much a result of that; it’s the most focused, authentic, best executed and most accomplished thing that I’ve done.”


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