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We got to have a chat with StrateJacket at Welcome to Rockville Music Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida. Pop punk rockers StrateJacket took the leap and jumped over to Florida for some heat, metal, and 200,000 music fans swarming every day of the event. Check it out! We are stoked to sit down with StrateJacket, this fun punky alt-rock trio from California’s Bay Area. We chat about music, being on the road, and the future that awaits them!

Tell us a little about yourself; where are you from, and what does everyone do in the band? 

Jackson, the singer and guitar player reigns from Sunnyvale, California. Fabian, who plays bass and does backup vocals, is also from Sunnyvale. Nate, the drummer boy, reigns from Belmont, California. We’ve met in the middle to practice ever since we’ve been playing together.

Did where you grew up help cultivate your music taste/passion?Nate

Nate Mangold: family definitely influenced me. My parents were very all over the place in terms of music tastes on top of playing guitar hero and rock band. It’s really diverse here in the bay area with the types of genres there are and with punk, thrash, hardcore and indie being big. There’s a lot of talented bands we play with that I think push all of us to be better ourselves. We all support one another I feel, and everyone’s friends with everyone.

Tell us a little bit about your current music career? 

Nate: We’ve been this lineup of the band for almost four years now. And from playing to ourselves in our practice spot due to COVID to where we are now is exciting. The festivals and bands that we’re opening for is surreal.

Tell us about your favorite track(s) on your upcoming EP coming out on June 10. 

Nate: “Be My Drug” is probably my favorite off our upcoming EP. All the layers put in the studio made me really like and appreciate more. Readers who haven’t checked it out yet, what are you doing? Check it out.

You guys are playing Rockville; is this your first time? Does it all feel surreal this success is happening?

Nate: It’s pretty nuts to see us on a bill opening for bands that I had posters of on my walls. It’s a little overwhelming, but exciting. I really hope I get to meet some of them. I say that now, but maybe I’ll be too nervous in the moment.

Bands you are looking to see at Rockville?

Nate: Literally everyone. I’ve never been to a rock festival, let alone any music festival. All the bands on the bill I’ve heard of and have listened to since we were kids.

Can you tell us about the tracks “Be my Drug” and “Bad Start”? They sound great! 

Jackson Roemerss: “Be My Drug” was a story about a type of recurring person that’s come into my lifetime and time again, a person who is impulsive and how their actions affect the people around them. “Bad Start” was about the band being stunted during the pandemic. It was also about coping with my mental health and the struggles of being indoors.

Your music is very punk and alternative. How do you get inspired? Is the creative process collaborative when writing? 

Nate: Really any time I hear a song I like, I try to make my own version of it, whether it be lyrically or instrumentally. I think every genre has something good to offer, and being open to all of them is important personally.

Is the music inspired from your life experiences? 

Nate: Yes. Everything is pulled from real experiences. Maybe some stuff is a bit exaggerated here and there, but that comes with writing lyrics I feel.

Craziest or scariest tour stories?

Nate: Driving by the Mexican border at, like, 2 a.m. was definitely nerveracking. Anytime we were driving in rain too was pretty scary since those tires on our car are bald.

Choice bands to tour with?

Nate: Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Joyce Manor, Royal Blood, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys. We can go on for a while.

Words to the fans?

Nate: Y’all are not fans to us. You’re homies. We want to thank everyone for supporting us, from giving our music a listen, to following our socials, to coming to gigs. It all means a lot to us.

What’s something you advocate for?

Band: Sounds cliche, but I advocate for not being afraid of being yourself, and if anyone has a problem with who you are, they can go fuck themselves. Disrespectfully.

Anything else you want to share? 

Band: Don’t ever sleep. Always dream. I didn’t make that up; I’m paraphrasing something from True Detective. Do with that what you will.

Check out their song ” Bad Start” in thevideo below.


Photo credit – @devilman 

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