Interview: Sworn Enemy Talks About The Old School Sound Of Their New Album

Interview with vocalist Sal Lococo  |  By Brandon Ringo

It was about 10 years ago that MTV re-launched Headbangers Ball and I vividly remember spending my Saturday nights huddled up religiously in front of my TV. One of my favorite videos of that era was Sworn Enemy’s self-titled single. Everything about that song and video made me want to break all of my possessions. Fast forward to 2014 and the band is heavier than ever, as evidenced by their skull-crushing seventh full-length album Living on Borrowed Time. Vocalist Sal Lacoco tells us more about the record and its old school Sworn Enemy sound.

What has the band has been up to since your last record Total World Domination came out about five years ago?

Basically, I was in a period of trying to find new guys to replace the old ones. Once I got a solid lineup, we started playing shows here and there, and then began the writing process of Living on Borrowed Time.

Were you concerned that the band wouldn’t get back together?

I had concerns, but I was pretty confident that I could find a lineup that was both ready to write and tour, so I wasn’t that worried about it.

When did you begin writing Living on Borrowed Time?

We actually started writing in 2012, but had many setbacks that delayed the whole process. It was a frustrating time for the band, but things worked out and now here we are, back with a new record, ready to tour.

What influenced the band’s decision to sign with Rock Ridge Music?

Signing with Rock Ridge for us was a no brainer. They wanted the band and we needed a label. We heard good things about the label, so it seemed to be a good fit for us.

Musically, the record definitely doesn’t lack an ounce of aggression.

Well, we have always been a super aggressive band with a very angry way about ourselves and this record isn’t much different. The one thing I really love about the direction of this record is that we took it back more to our roots so to speak. It has a very old school vibe, but still has the Sworn Enemy feel to it.

Where did you draw inspiration for the lyrics on Living on Borrowed Time?

As always, I draw inspiration from everything. Whether it is personal, something I saw on TV, friends, whatever. There’s always somewhere, or something I can read or see that will help me to get into the writing mood.

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