Interview: Telltale – A Tale Needing to Be Told

It’s not only a fight every day, it’s a fight every second. Mental health struggles are increasingly becoming more and more common, only recently breaking through the negative stigmas society had branded them. Not only was anyone comfortable talking or hearing about it, but the people struggling to cope were shamed when they tried to find their voice. This pandemic has taken a massive toll on all of us, but that toll has been tenfold for some of us. Telltale is no stranger to the struggle, but they have the perfect outlet and a brand new record to help us all out just a little bit more.   

It’s a five track collection that we came up with throughout the course of the pandemic,” explains guitarist Bryce Marshall. “Starting in February 2020, officially, and then pausing and regaining momentum and wrapping it all up. Honestly, it’s a good look at truthfully how we have felt for the past year and a half. It was our way of being very open and honest with ourselves about things we were seeing and how we were feeling at those times.

“Lie Your Way Out” is out now, via Rude Records, is a follow up to their breakout, debut album “Timeless Youth,” in 2019. While the pandemic threw a giant wrench into the normal flow of being in a band, the group took the hit in stride and continued to push forward, teaming up with Zack Jones again, this time mainly remote, but it didn’t slow them down one bit. It turned out to be the recipe they needed at the right time.

I think it allowed a lot of growth mentally,” shares bassist Tim Fogg. “It was definitely different: “Timeless Youth” was a raw, cut your teeth, very punk kind of sound I feel and then this one’s more polished, mature. We’ve matured a bit emotionally and you can hear and see that on this collection of songs.

While the overall theme of the record is from the viewpoint of being part of the “apocalyptic generation” and to embrace individuality, the album art embodies the theme the most, says vocalist John Carteret, asking their artists to give them a fever dream in a bathroom. Mental health issues are a nightmare world to live in, but some are able to break through and provide an escape, no matter how small.

I feel like the bathroom is where I spend most of my time, just in sheer anxiety and panic attacks; it always seems to be in there for some reason. So that’s what we went with; all the songs come from that place of panic and anxiety. I think that’s what the pandemic was for a lot of us. Going into the actual title itself, “Lie Your Way Out,” it’s what I think a lot of us do to get past it and get through those feelings. Everybody’s impacted by the thoughts in their head. You just can’t avoid it.

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