Interview: Thai Metal Underground with Siamese Brutalism Founder Sunyaluxx 

In Thailand, the most brutal bands in the land are a part of a close-knit group called Siamese Brutalism. This inner circle of blast beat maniacs was established  in the early 2000s in order to share, support and create some of the most brutal music Thailand, and the world, has ever heard. Major festivals put on by Siamese Brutalism include the Bang-Cock Deathfest and the Sick Chainsaws Fest.

The group is run by Sunyaluxx Saengtham, who in addition to creating  Siamese Brutalism, runs the Sick Chainsaws Production label and drums for a wealth of Thai metal bands including Lacerate (the first brutal death metal band in Thailand), Zygoatsis, Imbrued Blemishment and Masochist. Most famously, his band Masochist was the first Thai band to play European grindcore festival Obscene Extreme in 2014. We talk to Sunyaluxx to uncover some of the details about Siamese Brutalism and the Thai metal scene in general.

When did you begin Siamese Brutalism? How big was the death metal scene then? 

In 2003 I started SBxDM when I met up with members of Nameless Author, A Good Day for Killing and Deathguy. I wanted to gather the great bands from Thailand in the brutal, death and grindcore scenes in order to help and support each other, give each other advice and of course spread our music outwards to the world beyond Thailand. I tried to avoid some bands at that period who claimed they were extreme but were absolutely NOT!!! They played just 20-30% quality of the style but they blinded people into thinking that they were elite. They spoke loud, said nothing and treated it as fashion.

How many bands are part of Siamese Brutalism today? 

Now 19 bands are a part of it. We actually have more on the list but some bands split up but we are still brothers.

Which type of bands are you looking to be a part Siamese Brutalism? 

Nothing complicated – the first thing is just having the right attitude/direction/goal. The  most important thing is sincerity.  Musical skill is not that imperative – each band can learn and improve in their own way and we help each other as we are brothers and not back stabbers! We’ve faced some shitty people who have been a part of it and left before. Note to those back stabbers, live in your own way and stop lying and mentioning us. Thank you. Don’t mess with SBxDM!

How has the scene changed throughout the years? Has it become bigger?  

The scene in Thailand still sucks! There is no new generation of listeners or musicians.

Is brutal death metal accepted in Thailand? 

Of course not! Underground is underground.

What issues or topics are you bringing to light with your band Masochist?

Masochist is MASOxGRINDCORE and we are our own identity – FAST, CRUSH AND CHOKE TILL’ CUM! The lyrics are about sex, blood, semen – the dark-side of humanity in general.

Sick Chainsaw Productions is your label – what are your proudest releases on it so far?  

Well, so far I did release Zygoatsis, Hacavitz, Defeated Sanity, Intricated, Black Angel, Tormentress, Black Empire/Black Torment, Masochist and many licensed merchandise. And these are my latest releases: Malodorous Oblation, Affective Psychosis, Heretic Angels and more releases are soon to be announced.

You have released albums on it by international artists as well like Mutasi from Indonesia and Infested Malignancy from Japan. Any plans for more? 

I’m not sure yet due to facing some problem before with hard situations. A partner advised me to close the shop and sell online instead, and the he would take care of this but it was my mistake for letting him do that.

Who do you feel represents Thailand brutal death metal best? 

Honestly, I can say all bands on SBxDM are the best bands!  I’d love to say: Intricated, Ecchymosis, and Biomorphic Engulfment for the brutal death metal genre and Oldskull, Savage Deity for the death metal genre.

Are there any new projects out there that you’re excited about?

Yes, a new black metal band called Amorphous Dominion. This band plays a type of atmospheric black metal holocaust which emerged with the traditional 90’ era with fast, dark, sorrowful, grim, cold, depressive and holocaustial elements.

You played Obscene Extreme in 2014. How important was this to be the first Thai band to play the festival? 

It was our honor to be part of it and we will definitely be back to play there if we get the chance in the future!

When COVID is clear, what plans do you have for the Bang-Cock Deathfest and Sick Chainsaws Fest? 

No one can do a show at this moment. The first and most important thing we worry about is if anyone who attends the show spreads the virus. We care about the people. Maybe next year is the best time to make it happen again. But no one knows.  

What else do you want people to know about Thailand metal? 

We do have some of good quality bands here, come and see and listen for yourself! We will definitely make your ears bleed!

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