Interview: The Aquadolls Talk New Single

Indie-punk band The Aquadolls have recently released a new video for “Cry Baby,” the track exudes an undeniable attitude that’s accompanied by a 1960’s visual.

We got the chance to talk with Melissa Brooks and Jackie Proctor of the band about the single, the video and more.

You recently released a video for “Cry Baby,” you’ve mentioned that it highlights the story of  “an emotional hopeless romantic going to a rock concert and instantly falling in love with the badass guitarist.” Can you expand a little more on that inspiration for the song?

Melissa: The song idea stemmed from the three of us hanging at a writing session and the story just fell into place! I personally tend to gravitate towards crushing on musicians. This song basically encapsulates the feeling I can get from going to a concert and watching someone absolutely rock out, which is totally badass, and of course crushing on them. I know that they probably don’t know I exist, but I’m totally going to fantasize our whole future together. You know, just the casual planning-your-entire-life-with-a-stranger kind of vibes!

Jackie: I think there’s a little hopeless romantic in all of us and especially when it comes to being a fan of other musicians. You can get lost in the artist and in the song and sometimes it’s like your falling in love with the song or music it’s self. I think a lot of this song was inspired by our love for music and that first time you feel those butterflies.

The video for “Cry Baby” from the 1960’s aesthetic down to the hints of vintage camera shots, fit the overall atmosphere of the song. What pulls you towards this era of fashion in this visual?

Melissa: We definitely wanted to play into the campiness of the song and took inspiration from John Waters films, namely Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, and of course the iconic Cry Baby movie starring Johnny Depp! We knew that big hair, bold colors, and lots of eyeliner had to be incorporated to help bring our visual to life. 

Jackie: We love all love fashion so any fashion era is always fun to explore for us. I think this particular fashion era is fun because we can show our girly side with dresses and funky patterns. It brings out a sassy playfulness.

You’ve noted that sonically you’ve been inspired by 1960’s pop, what draws you towards this era of music?

Melissa: I grew up listening to everything between Britney Spears to The Beach Boys, but I pulled a lot of inspiration from artists like Brian Wilson, The Mamas and The Papas, The Ronettes and The Hollies as well as the garage rock scene happening in the 2010’s to help create this song and give it a timeless feel. 

In 2013 you released Stoked On You and have still peppered in elements of that record into this new track. Is it important to you to keep the familiarity of that 2013 record alive in your new releases?

Melissa: I love to evolve sounds and always experiment playing with different genres, however I do feel it’s important to maintain some sort of consistency throughout releases. I think having the Danelectro guitar on all of the tracks from the 2012 days to now in 2022 keeps that twangy nostalgic vibe, but also throwing in some new elements to change things up and keep the sound fresh! I don’t think I would ever try to create the same kind of song twice, unless it just happens that way! I do love Stoked On You and I think that Cry Baby is a nice evolution of sound while still continuing the same campy surf rock feel as my older releases. 

Taking a look through your social media presence you showcase a free and breezy aura. Is this something you like to translate into your music?

Melissa: On social media, I definitely try to show off my fun and silly side in between more formal photoshoots and videos. I try to not take myself so seriously and just have fun! I hope that the fun energy on our socials translates into the fun and carefree energy that we try to portray through our lyrics. Just have fun and be yourself!

Jackie: Yeah I think so. We love to have fun at our shows. All we want is for our fans and audience to feel safe and to have a good time when they come see us live. It’s important to express yourself and let go every once and a while. 

Is there any particular message you’re trying to convey to your fanbase through your music?

Melissa: Be yourself! Fall in love with the world and then fall out of it. Dye your hair, scream loud into a pillow, blast your radio speakers and dance your worries away! Don’t be afraid to embrace the good and bad, that’s what life’s all about! Just don’t take it too seriously and enjoy your time here on earth! If we can help provide a soundtrack to your downfall or your greatest moments in life, we’re just happy to be a part of your journey!

Jackie: I think the message we want to send through our music is it’s ok to cry,  it’s ok to be a hopeless romantic, it’s ok to feel sad or mad. It’s ok to feel because we are human. It’s important that our audience knows they are not alone in whatever they are feeling and music can be a healthy way to deal with the hard stuff. We hope that others can relate and maybe we put a smile on their face. 

You’ve played shows with Jimmy Eat World and festivals such as Ohana Festival and Lollapalooza, can you expand on these experiences?

Melissa: After not playing IRL concerts for a good load of 2020 and 2021, it was such a trip to take the stage at such huge shows! Even though I do love doing live-streams on Instagram to talk to fans, and planning performances for Twitch and YouTube lives, there is nothing that beats the feeling of watching people in real time dancing to your music, rocking out and singing along, and hearing them scream with us! These big festivals and shows are the perfect opportunity to completely go crazy and let all of the stress go and have fun! 

 What can fans expect to see from The Aquadolls as we make our way through 2022?

Melissa: We will be leaving for our USA co-headlining tour with Sitting On Stacy March 10th! We’ll also be releasing another single later this Spring, and we are currently writing our third album. So expect lots of shows and new music!

Jackie: Playing with Jimmy Eat world was so fun, all of their band was so nice and welcoming. Playing the festivals are another experience and playing Lollapalooza was especially exciting for me because Dave Grohl is one of my all time inspirations as a musician. We were able to play the same day as The Foo Fighters at lollapalooza so that will always be a special day I’lll remember. 

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